Interview with General Gowon


2 responses

  1. Fascinating to see a Gowon interview after so many years.
    However, it was quite underwhelming and lacking because
    the American interviewer was very lousy.
    The interviewer turned a potentially juicy interview in a drab encounter
    mainly because the American was aloof, dull, non-inquisitive and
    totally ignorant and ill-informed about the basics of Nigeria’s
    post-independence history. This ignorance weakened the interview because
    it prevented him from asking Gowon more penetrating, relevant and insightful questions.
    Had the interview been conducted by a Nigerian journalist or
    someone more engageing and informed,
    it would have been a more interesting and informative affair.

  2. Excellent points Liki. A Nigerian interviewer well versed and knowledgeable about the subject could have asked more probing questions and produced an altogether more intriguing interview.

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