Nigerian Leaders

President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Chairman of the Federal Executive Council, and Commander-in-Chief of the Nigerian Armed Forces: Muhammadu Buhari (May 29, 2015-Present)

From Eagle Square in Abuja, Nigeria. A lot of “chatter” about Buhari’s new aide-de-camp (ADC) Lt-Colonel M. Lawal Abubakar (of the military police). People were curious about his white uniform and red cap. Incidentally a military police officer as ADC to the President gives a strong clue as to who is likely to be the next National Security Adviser or Minister of Defence under Buhari. It has been rumoured for a while that former Chief of Army Staff Lt-General Abdulrahaman Bello Dambazau would have a prominent role in Buhari’s government. Well, when he was in the army Dambazau served in…the military police (the same corps as Buhari’s new ADC)…

The military ceremony was led by the Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM) of the Brigade of Guards Master Warrant-Officer Kolo Aboko (under the command of the commander of the Brigade of Guards Brigadier-General Anthony Bamidele Omozeje). They presided over the handing over the ceremonial instruments of office (Nigerian flag and armed forces flag from former President Jonathan).

Buhari’s full inaugural speech:



APC: All Progressives Congress
APGA: All Progressives Grand Alliance
PDP: Peoples Democratic Party

Abia Okezie Ikpeazu PDP
Adamawa Bindo Jibrilla APC
Akwa Ibom Udom Emmanuel PDP
Anambra Willie Obiano APGA
Bauchi Muhammed Abubakar APC
Bayelsa Henry Dickson PDP
Benue Samuel Otom APC
Borno Kashin Shettima APC
Cross River Ben Ayade PDP
Delta Ifeanyi Okowa PDP
Ebonyi Dave Umahi PDP
Edo Adams Oshiomole APC
Ekiti Ayodele Fayose PDP
Enugu Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi PDP
Gombe Ibrahim Dankwambo PDP
Imo Rochas Okorocha APC
Jigawa Badaru Abubakar APC
Kaduna Nasir El-Rufai APC
Kano Umar Ganduje APC
Kebbi Atiku Bagudu APC
Kogi Idris Wada PDP
Kwara Abdulfatah Ahmed APC
Lagos Akinwuinmi Ambode APC
Nasarawa Tanko Al-Makura APC
Niger Abubakar Sani Bello APC
Ogun Ibikunle Amosun APC
Ondo Olusegun Mimiko PDP
Osun Rauf Aregbesola APC
Oyo Abiola Ajimobi APC
Plateau Simon Bako Lalong APC
Rivers Nyesom Wike PDP
Sokoto Aminu Tambuwal APC
Taraba Darius Ishaku PDP
Yobe Ibrahim Geidam APC
Zamfara Abdulaziz Abubakar APC

Senior Armed Forces Personnel



Chief of Defence Staff Lt-General Abayomi Gabriel Olonishakin
Chief of Army Staff Lt-General Tukur Buratai
Chief of Air Staff Air Marshal Sadique Abubakar
Chief of Naval Staff Vice-Admiral Ibok-Ete Ekwe Ibas

National Security Adviser: Major-General Babagana Monguno (rtd)

Inspector-General of Police: Solomon Arase

Chief of Defence Intelligence: Air Vice Marshal Monday Riku Morgan

Director-General of the State Security Service: Lawal Musa Daura

Director-General of the National Intelligence Agency: Ayodele Oke


Alhaji Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa (October 1 1960 – January 15 1966)

Major-General Johnson Aguiyi-Ironsi (January 16 1966 – July 29 1966)


General Yakubu “Jack” Gowon (August 1 1966 – July 28 1975)


General Murtala Muhammed (July 29 1975 – February 13 1976)


General Olusegun Obasanjo (February 14, 1976 – September 30 1979)

Alhaji Shehu Shagari (October 1, 1979 – December 31 1983)


Major-General Muhammadu Buhari (January 1, 1984 – August 26 1985)


General Ibrahim Babangida (August 27 1985-August 26 1993)

Ernest Shonekan (August 27 1993 – November 16 1993)


General Sani Abacha (November 17 1993 – June 7 1998)

General Abdulsalam Abubakar (June 8 1998 – May 28 1999)


Olusegun Obasanjo (May 29 1999 – May 28 2007)


Umaru Musa Yar’Adua (May 29, 2007 – May 5, 2010)

Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (May 6 2010 – May 28, 2015)




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  1. one day by GOD’S GRACE i will rule the this country; that i will reduce the militry power to the level of an errand boy and break the power of the emirate. so help me God. Amen.

    1. are you sure you wut be the worst to mess it up? anyway amen for your dream mr president.

  2. Hardy Jalloh | Reply

    I love the Nigerian fulani political domination.

    1. what has it gotten UUUUU

  3. the fulanis have provided the best precidency this country has seen. and fortunately i believe the best of them is paving the way for the most remarkable political and economic achievements the the continent is yet to see. this country has got a president. iam proud to call him my president where ever i may be

    1. What have you been smoking, I guess the same weed shagari and Yar’Adua have been smoking— Buhari was considerable because Tunde Ideagbon was with him

      1. Ideagbon was with Buhari, right. Do you mean Jonathan and Ekweame are the same with thier bosses?

    2. isaac nnamdi | Reply

      why do you love regional affinity more than the country itself, can a well known Ghanaian become a Nigerian president if what you only care is regional politics. How far have we progress. Can Fulani dominance in Nig politics be compared to other domination in other part of the word as regards national growth and development

      1. I love the way you represented Nigerians problems revering to the book animal farm. And i would love other Nigerians to read this book.

  4. Lets not speak like we do not know the ruling history of Nigeria so far. Saying the fulanis have provided the best presidency the country has ever seen is only pulling wool over peoples eyes and masking the reality. None of the presidents have been any good and irrespective of tribe it does not appear that any will ever be good. How can anyone say any president from Nigeria will pave way for the most remarkable political and economic achievement Africa (the continent if some people dont know) has ever seen? What happened to the likes of Mandela and other good leaders who actually did something good for their nations? This is clearly an uninformed statement. We are talking about people who constantly loot their nations wealth, play dangerous political games to stay in power and allow corruption to flourish. What economic achievements I have to ask are we talking about? The strength of the currency hasnt risen (if at all)remarkably in the last thirty odd years. We are still yet to stand by a single product (which we seem to never be able to make amidst all the resources)besides oil that the whole world needs and are willing to pay for. Our oil wells are run and owned by greedy politicians. The state of the Niger Delta area is an embarrassment. The above response is typical of Nigerians-blowing their trumpets amidst nothing. Yes, if we do not blow our trumpets who else will?very true, but for how long will we continue to decieve ourselves? We talk like the whole world cannot see past our gimmicks. Saying the fulanis have provided the best presidency is only allowing mediocrity to stand once again. I am proud to be a NIgerian by saying Nigerian I mean born in Nigeria but I am not proud of any of our leaders. The have helped create a bad name for all Nigerians worldwide making the average Nigerian stereotyped whereever he goes. They have caused many Nigerians to seek better lives outside their own country while they lavish in wealth and splendour. Please do not be like the animals in the book animal farm who failed to realise the tricks of the Napoleon the pig until it was too late. Condemn bad governorship and presidency alike, dont just follow blindly.

    1. Holy Ghost will bless you Soulstar for seeing the truth and saying it, your kind is almost in extinction in Nigeria, we need drastic removal of these so called past leaders,none of them has a conscience nor the fear of GOD ,nor even have regard for it citizens…

  5. Men,Apart from say shagari,Obasanjo and Gowon, i think that man called ibrahim bbangida should be charged for war against humanity and atrocities against the Nigeria state. He should not be accorded the leeway of trial,but summarily executed. He and his gaddemn family’s goin get their comeuppance someday!

  6. Our country Nigeria is improving day after day therefore lets pray 4 our leaders and the country instead of critisizing.

  7. Nigeria is a great country in d world and a hero in Africa with wealth beyond thinking. But unfortunately our are not helping matter to a poor Nigerian.

  8. The Nigerian masses are the biggest problem in the country, why? Because they dont know themselves and they dont understand things is like they are living in a blind world.

  9. i will like to see the orther the way i see orther sir.good day

  10. all citizens of nigeria need a change in the life and we need to remove starvation,unempolyment of our country..
    to fight tribalism and regionalism and to declare that action unconstitional..

    and secondly,our president should tried his possible best to fight corruption and all this vip’s of waste in the government parastals and they are not helping this country but only enriching themselves and starve the nation..

    with the clean up our country can be able to do something with other countries…

    i love my country nigeria and i have no other country expect nigeria…

    haji mustafa

  11. arigbabu ayodeji | Reply

    until we have leaders like President F.D Rosevellt of US who learnt to seperate politics from Governance We are really not going anywhere in Nigeria the office of a president or governor is not just a political one it is a Government post and these offices constitute the top civil service positions in our country and it must be sensitive to the plight of their supporters, opposition and the people in General. We are in a democracy and it is Government of the people by the people and for the people not government of a selected few party members and supporters of the ruling party let our leaders cross party and tribal lines and explore the “AUDACITY OF UNITY AND GOOD GOVERNANCE” let the change begin with you. let us play Governance when holding public office and not Politics. The problem with this nation is that of change it is time for us to change the way we think, the way we talk and the way we treat each other. The common man on the street would say leadership is our greatest problem even a past leader (Head of state) once gave a lecture on leadership in Nigeria and he citited leadership as one of the problems of this country, the question is who exactly is the leader… there is a need to change our mentality and do the right thing in our capacity as leaders and followers respectively. We are the collective problem, let us be the change we desire it starts with little things like showing love and giving hope. U are the Hope of Nigeria. Be the Change…

  12. Ahmad Abubakar Aliyu Jos | Reply

    Nigeria is a great nation full of hopes and opportunities, let the leaders show her youth how Nigeria was and how it is now

    1. Chika Enemuo | Reply

      I really agree with you

  13. The Ibos started it all, killed Hausa-Fulani, Yoruba leaders in 1966 and expected to get away with it.

    1. I think you are a very stupid fellow, what have that got to do with mis-management and out right theft, I am not ibo or what ever you call it we are talking about looting that cuts across all ethic groups that is strangling the entire nation, mostly the northern Fulani and Hausa people — the most under-developed under-educated part of Nigeria.

      1. Pls Cliff, why using words like “st—d” against someone.

        1. Cliff, How do you rate edcation, educated? at least northerners do not forge certificates or steal WAEC exam papers and sending them to their brethren to cram them months before the tests are given. How many northerners were ever caught with fake certificates and degrees in both national and state assemblies in Nigeria. Some of the road systems and the cities of the south are deplorable. Tell me what rod do you use to measure such. Most southerners cannot make a complete sentence with good English grammar and synthax without adding vernacular or broken english. Is this your measuring rod of being educated? A fool is one who listens and lives by what they hear and not by what they have personally observed or tested to be truth, and i think you are the one. Classifying a whole race of people as being uneducated according to your standard is uneducated and without merits. You are the idiot you meantioned above.

          1. annonymous Commenter | Reply

            i agree. Good comment.

            1. annonymous Commenter | Reply

              Very good observation, Dr. Angilda. We must continue to bring awareness and re-educate the elements of greed and destruction from amongst us especially the South-East part of Nigeria. Bitter truth hurts.


          2. Please my brother’s and sister’ using lunatic and malapropism words can not solve this problems we are facing in this country, “except we call for the intervention of the most High God”and i pray that each every one of us will have the curse to glorify God; no matter the situation may be, He will see us through.

  14. We don’t have any leader in Nigeria. All what we have here are RULERS who specializes in LOOTING public MONEY.

    According to our elders, charity begins at home but according to NIGERIA RULERS, CHARITY BEGINS ABROAD.

    You can imagine, JAMES IBORI ONLY ONE PERSON LOOTED OVER 25 BILLION NAIRA. TO DO WHAT? and there are no places for graduate to work

    its a pity

  15. We don’t have leaders in Nigeria, we only have RULERS that specializes in LOOTING public MONEY to satisfy their selfish desire.

    According to our elders, charity begins at home, but according to the NIGERIAN RULERS< CHARITY BEGINS ABROAD.

  16. This is simply a great site we are proud of you,can I please have the history and pictures of the past governors in Kwara state please .

    Thank you.


    1. Because you are Fulani too



  20. nIgERIA DON CAST…….everywhere crimes d only good thing u can get from a nigerian is a criminal action from one grade to another………

    now bank robberies have subsided a little,the new line of action is internet fraud, credit cards crimes and so 4th and so on.

  21. The greatest problem in nigeria is tribalism

  22. The Ndi Igbo are always made the scapegoat and I am sick and tired of it. If people hate the Ndi Igbo so much, allow us to secede and form our own nation.

    I didn’t see Nnamdi Azikiwe in that list. Why snub that great man?

    1. Who do you call great? Do you mean political
      bride/prostitute. In 1959 he married and divorced, In 1979
      he got married to the same husband and was
      divorced. In 1983 he re-married to the same husband
      and was kicked out of the marriage as well. If he
      he had married to better husband Nigeria would
      have being a better place to live today for all

  23. Nigerian and its leaders,past and present will never have peace unless they allowed igbos the people of the eastern PART to take some shots in the leadership of this Nation.

    1. Nigeria is a rich nation with successive unproductive leaders.It use to be the giant of Africa, but now the least in the whole of Africa.Do you know that one might fine it very easy to travelle to other western states with other african counties passport but once you present nigerian passport you come a suspect. This is because of bad leaders.Nigeria is a country where crimials,419’s are preffered to be in high and strategic positons than the best qulified.

  24. Chika Enemuo | Reply

    Our country Nigeria is a great country but sometimes it looks like our (rulers) not leaders are the one enjoying our money while the poor ones suffer. God help us.

  25. Chika Enemuo | Reply

    Our country Nigeria is a great country but sometimes it looks like our rulers (not leaders) are the one enjoying our money while the poor ones suffer. God help us.

  26. Abdulrashid Sifawa | Reply

    Nigeria is a great nation with great people. Nigeria is going 2b great but we need a strong spiritual intervention.
    God pls helf us.

  27. SO far nigeria is almost 50 years old but to my total dismay,just but a little progress has been made since independence,the reason is simple,it’s because our so called leaders who ruled after the first republic,to date are full of greed,selfishness,and sort of atrocities one could think of.Therefore posterity will certainly live to judge those who feel they will cheat and go free.

  28. Abubakar Aminu Hussain | Reply

    I have confidence in Nigeria that one day it would answer its name,either we are alive or not,inshaAllah.But we have to be realistic and patriotic about our Country.We have to always put this thing on mind that we have no other country than Nigeria.So lets save Nigeria from all those Black guards and villains of the peace, that don’t want see any one going free and happy,except they own children.Lets pray for Nigeria!Abubakar Aminu Hussain, Kano Nigeria.

  29. Yinka Fernandez | Reply

    Good comments, but I feel the editor of this political fraud has something to hide. I am a learned journalist, and do not think that any sound mind would ever compile a history of Nigerian leaders without a conspicous positing of Nigeria’s first president, Tafawa Balewa’s own president Nnamdi Azikiwe. Though I am not Ibo, I honestly feel that people making these deliberate ommissions are sabotaging the truth of Nigerian history, and are the major problems of Nigeria. Just as guilty as some of the criminals they have just listed.

  30. Oluwatosin james adejuwon | Reply

    our country need a God fearing rulers who only GOD knows…..

    1. You are right, instesd of insulting our leaders we should pray for them and pray for a better NIGERIA.


    these leaders were born great did great remain great in the life of every nigeria.
    god bless
    long live nigeria

  32. the youth will change nigeria and nigerias enemies will put to eternal shame.youts lets face it

    1. Yaro mankaza…

  33. mr. gudluck let see wat u have 2 offer since u’ve gotten wat u wanted

    1. Huuu, you sound like Hausa-Fulani oligarch, the
      reactionary group of people. God will never
      forgive you for uttered such a statement. Do you
      know how many years your clan had be at the helm
      of Nigeria government with nothing to show off?
      Since 1960.

      1. why being subjective? i’m just trying 2 be objective. if a fulani/hausa man messed up, would dat be a good reason 4 a south-south man 2 do same?

    2. I concur. Now the East has a president, lets wait and see how brilliant and perfect they are as they postulate and shove the north down their throats daily for all the ills of Nigeria. let us pray for Gudluck also to change the country as the Easterners pride themselves of being better than the Hausa/Fulanis. The most educated and knows it all mentality Easterners. I am not a Hausa or Fulani but i am very curious to see if Jonathan will change the tide of Nigeria.


  34. You all are talking like illitrate(sorry but that is the truth)! We should be talking about our country’s development not argue about unnecessary things pls let us pray to God and ask him to guide us to a rightful destination

  35. You all are talking like illitrate(sorry but that is the truth)! We should be talking about our country’s development not argue about unnecessary things pls let us pray to God and ask him to guide us to a rightful destination

  36. Why is it that it’s only muslims rulers stay long in the presidency? Is’t because the british colonial first of all coqueared the northern part of Nigeria or the muslims are the most brave and intelligent elites of the past time, as it is in the present situation.

  37. Why is it that it’s only muslims rulers stay long in the presidency? Is’t because the british colonial first of all coqueared the northern part of Nigeria or the muslims are the most brave and intelligent elites of the past time, as it is in the present situation. May Allah provide us with the leaders like sir Ahmadu Tafawa Balewa, Shehu Shagari than can competently rule this country with mercy.

  38. an elder state man.i love his action.

  39. Gen. Buhari is the bast

  40. For my on opiniun, gen. Buhari is the bast leader, in my coutry nigeria.

  41. Even our rulers know damn well that Buhari is the best among them, though there might be others that are better than him which are not yet known to us.
    These rulers of ours are scared of him (Buhari) cos they know very well better than us (the new generation) what he’s capable of.
    We pray that one Almighty God shall give us good leaders.

  42. I saw everybody comments about our leader. Is not easy for one peason to rule a nation. Our leaders needs coperation. Dont course dem but pray 4 dem. It can be your turn 2morrow. What will u do reason. Everybody with different ambition.

  43. I saw everybody comments about our leader. Is not easy for one peason to rule a nation. People are 2 much in d country. What would dey do. Our leaders needs coperation. Dont course dem but pray 4 dem. It can be your turn 2morrow. What will u do reason. Everybody with different ambition.

  44. Nigeria, good people with great nation. Nigerian is a land of fufillment. Prov. Say: you cannot know the worth of what you have, until you loose. Please less rule the country with true and mercy. Abandon the leaders. But a day is a day. A day is coming for our bad leaders.

  45. Sorry to say, Obasanjo could have been the best in his political era. Why? I could see him as a courageous, unshaking, uncontrolled, powerfull,fearless,….person: such of which Nigerians has ever needed. But I can’t understand what went wrong along-the-line, that he could not deliver more than only in commumication sector (line).
    But let the dog lie, in these vital, serious, cogent, economy buster, …. sector; the Power and Enwergy. With this rectified, take it with me, the economy will not be as it is today. Mess.

  46. we have not yet arrive,more to be done

  47. I’ll be very much like not only the federation of Nigeria but the whole world to become Muslim if it does many of its complicated problems facing today will vanish since Islam doesnt permit cheating, lying, doubledealing, etc such countrys that has Islam as its official religion will be a better place in which to live. Major Yusuf.

  48. I’ll be very much like not only the federation of Nigeria but the whole world to become Muslim if it does many of its complicated problems facing today will vanish since Islam doesnt permit cheating, lying, doubledealing, etc such countrys that has Islam as its official religion will be a better place in which to live.

  49. I agree with you brother.

  50. please say something forget about religion.

  51. Haba! what do mean? Umar

  52. Nigeria is a country with available players and stars but the only problems is tha,we don’t have a proffesional corches or officials that direct,guide,plan,organise,utilise,evaluate,control the players.our leaders are our corches while the players are citizens.

  53. if i be presido i fon don change tins te te

  54. Both supporters and oppositions of Nigeria past and present leaders, could you please place your favourite leader’s achievements close to his photograph. This way we can all see those faces that brought most Nigerians to their knees, and the ones that meant well for our country. I wonder if our future generation will a glimmer of forgiveness for all of us, because we only talked but took no credible actions against the wicked. LONG LIVE MOTHERLAND – NIGERIA

  55. nnamdi obanya | Reply

    is it just me or did u forget nnamdi azikiwe? aka the first president

  56. I did not forget Zik. Zik was a CEREMONIAL President with no executive power. While Zik was President, the real power/authority was wielded by the Prime Minister Tafawa Balewa. Balewa ran the government, not Zik.

  57. Almost everyone wants to be a leader if asked but talk of responsibilities, they shy away from it. The truth is, we are all born leaders but a good leader is one who is able to handle responsibilities only then he is called A RESPONSIBLE GOOD LEADER and he gets full co-operation from his followers.I LOVE MY COUNTRY NIGERIA AND AM PROUD TO BE A NIGERIAN.

  58. mahmoud muhammad | Reply

    nigerian leaders of today are totally different from that of yesterday.leaders of yesterday were responsible,dedicative,patriotic and not thieves,but leaders of today are just thieves,except Gen. Muhammad Buhari.General nigerians are behind you come 2011.

  59. Murtala is the only useful leader among the fool will elect

  60. I’m delighted by the chronology of our leaders andI but I’m also ashame of our achievements but I believe that the future is bright when our rulers becomes leaders and not figurehead instructors.

  61. In the list of governors, Abuja F.C.T. should be Sen. Bala Mohammed, not M. A. Aliero, aka Minister of Bumps and Underdevelopment of F.C.T.

  62. pls&pls.our leaders, gives Buhari chance in 2011.for better national development.

  63. Ojoma Lucy James | Reply

    Nigeria is 50years old and we are 50 percent greater than what we use to be. the Nigeria of today can not be compare to the Nigeria of yesteryear’s. come and lets reason together to bring about the better Nigeria we strive to see. we believe in the greatness we have and the potentials. but the reason why we are still crying is because the rate at which the youth are unemployed and the employed are not been treated well is the cause for the negative speech of many.

  64. I love it. please update the leaders


  66. Adebayo Julius | Reply

    What can we do to have good leaders in our country ? And please, those of you people on top places try to exercise good example.

  67. Ndubueze Henry | Reply

    keep on the good work.

  68. well equip with necessary resource

  69. God bless Nigeria my mother land. just as is been said.Good things don’t last. is people like Pres Yar’adua of blessed memory and goodluck Jonathan that we should pray to God to continue having in this country. God bless Nigeria.

  70. nigeria is going to be better if the youths of tomorrow take a step towards it and the very first step to be taken is voting, if you vote for the best, then the best will affect nigeria positively, remember, it all sstarts with a step.

  71. watching how dis gr8 leaders have ruled and gone, i fully recall dat verse in d Bible dat says dat MAN IS JUST LIKE A MIST, APPEARING AND DISAPPEARING for a while. Of wat benefit is it 4 a Man 2 gain d whole world and loose His life?

  72. Anointed Moses | Reply

    please and please it is high time we change, i mean the country must be TRANSFORMED and we must move forward.

  73. It all pls me 4 ur comments.i once told without error there is no correction, and without sins there is no forgiveness.they have sin and they knew had made a big mistakes dat lead to down fall of this country.we should focus on how to revamp our country and make it a better place to his grace we shall celebrate Nigeria.Amen.

    1. i know our present president Good-luck Jonathan will do more better than all of our past leaders. amen

  74. Nigerias leaders to day are a physical representation of their families and friends. There for nigeria would be a better place if we inculcate good manners and teach our children the change that you want to emerge in nigerias economy tomorrow there for the change that would appen in nigeria tomorrow begins today with you.

  75. Please refer good friends who need to have assist for marketing fee paid at the closing.

  76. alter gud word 9ja cos evrtin gona ok but it nid ur supt by prayin 4 ha n d leaders.

  77. nigeria leaders should as a matter of even development.embark on gigantic mass and wide dev projects

  78. Olayode deborah | Reply

    Mr president continue the good work of this country. Welldone sir

    1. Which gd wk, are we animal he should go to d Zn

    2. No good work 4 mr president

  79. Chei!Why Nigeria is still a Developing country? despite all our whealth, & Resources but i suggest dat is a course of embezzlement and unconsolidated economy.thankgod for GOODLUCK JONATHAN at least his regime is very transperent than other past but we need some more like OLIVA TWIST. I hope that one day i will be the President of this country and with my capacity i will transform this nation to a better Glory, SO HELP ME GOD.

  80. Dis should be given to norsemen bcos of thier duzty itz duzty and service to humanity

  81. i beleive in pdp alot let give them forever contract in tackling our economy problem,obasanjo is our man pdp is our party
    islam is our religion
    sufi tijaniat sheu ibrahim niass kaolack is d answer
    quran is the constiution unwritten

    1. If Islam be da religion and the quran da constitution unwritten then I think u be smokin’ some s-it cuz u don’t make no damn sense at all. U just gotta keep it real in da hood cuz ain’t none of us biting dat bait any time soon. U musta have grits 4 brain son. Anyways if u got a brain what would ya do withit? Lay off da pipe sonny. U ain’t gotta gimme me a lotta crap to whoop ur arse bloody son.

    2. ADEBOYE; You must read this even if you’ll die a second from now:

  82. Nigeria is the best country so far . But to achieve a goal is difficult in it you have to pray everyday

    1. Thank u all,the problem will have in dis country is too much b/c,if well d yourth refusd to vote such people in,those people in sit can buy the bullet paper of there own or people from another country to vote for them,b/c there have d money to do and undo, so my brother and sister d only thing i have to said is(prayer) b/c with that all thing wll pass away.

  83. Our leaders is our leading problem.if i became the leader of dis country i not lead but i will serve my people.

  84. I love nigeria

    1. u luv niaja? then i hope that Alah zai baka. Then again it already happened.

  85. chukwu emmanuel | Reply

    My ambition This great country is to be a priest and work with the nigeria military officers and also pray to God for protection,good health of our leaders and pray there should be no war again in the world especially my great country nigeria….i these a pray unto God for fulfilment…Amen

  86. Nigeria with rich culture,i hope Jonathan doest split this country with his policies.

    1. That will be his greatest achievement if he do split Nigeria apart and that will make him everlasting hero for millions of generations to come.

    2. Dr. Ekuson Debango | Reply

      Nigeria with rich culture,i hope Jonathan doest split this country with his policies.
      December 24, 2011

      >>> Look here Mr. Ekpo, Joseph, you need to tell us what policies of the current administration are designed to split the country.President Jonathan did not impose Sharia( a very divisive issue) on the country.He did not bring Boko Haram on us. He followed the letters of the constitution in seeking to succeed a deceased president (he never denied the North their socalled birthright to rule the country. It was an act of God that brought him to office).He is trying his darndest best to move the economy foreward. So tell me which of his policies are intended to split an already rotten,vast wasteland of a country. Some of you pions can’t seem to get your heads out of your anus before spewing garbage. It seems to me you are nothing but a silly little neophyte who has been bought and paid for, a slave to the born-to-rule segment of society. Shame on you, Joseph. You are nothing but a stone-cold sellout.Traitor you are, son!!

  87. Fellow nigerians, i dnt seem 2 undastand still y there s plenty money nd stil….poverty evry i think the truth abt nigeria s dat the rich keep geting richer,the poor keeps gettin poorer, the govnment is greedy nd evrybody is out 4 his own gain…

  88. Abdullahi haruna | Reply

    God bless our learders.

  89. The best president in view is gen muritala muhammed

    1. Dr. Ekuson Debango | Reply

      The best president in view is gen muritala muhammed

      January 13, 2012

      >>>>How so?. Can you prove this absurd statement of yours? You mean that after six short months, this man who surely embodied the worst form is incompetence was indeed the best that the country ever produced. Maybe you have a point. See where your country is now. And it all started when your favourite “dear leader” bit more than he could ever chew. Look where you are now- in the gutter!! I suppose what you meant to say is that nobody has been able to best his incompetence so far. You do have a point and we can sure as hell move on now. I am going to spend the rest of the day vomiting.

      A belated happy new year to you all,if that ever will make a difference at all. I just broke my own resolutio not to say a word on this forum for an entire year. I guess that just didn’t last long, eh. So much for resolutions. I just can stand very annoying people who know diddly squat about issues they claim to speak about.

  90. Dis is ow Leaders one dat u go halla my name in a good mood insha-Allah.

  91. Dis is ow Leaders one day u go halla my name in a good mood insha-Allah.

  92. I want job. Am a graduate (BSc). A lady. I need job only.

  93. Dear God please help, my president, Good luck to rule this country in a good way! Amen

  94. Dr. Ekuson Debango | Reply

    The following was excerpted from the book, “This House Has Fallen”, by Karl Maier, page 56, 2000.

    Many of the Mohammad administration’s policies, however widely acclaimed at the time,proved damaging in the long run. The government expanded its powers throughout society,assuming control of the universities, primary education, and all television and radio broadcasting. The Supreme Military Council embarked on an exercise of “cleansing” ten thousand allegedly incompetent and corrupt public servants. The purge proved to be a body blow to morale from which the civil service has never recovered according to then Inspector General of police ,M.D. Yusuf.”All the old assurances that the civil service had of staying in the office – they cannot be sacked without due process – were thrown overboard”.
    That was M.D. Yusuf’s assessment of the horrible legacy of Murtala Mohammad’s greatness. This in fact marked the beginning of the current journey to nowhere in particular that Nigeria has found itself.A similar sentiment was expressed by Gowon’s former ADC, the late William Walbe, in assessing the morass that descended upon the country shortly after the overthrow of Gowon. Ever since this epoch event, needless to say that Nigeria has been in perpetual decline. This, my friends, is the lasting legacy of the man whom many have chosen to annoint as the country’s sole messiah. Tell me it just ain’t so!!!! I am much willing to be educated about this man’s greatness.

    1. Ekuson, thanks for the literary reference. That is the kind of enlightened and erudite discourse I want on this site. MD Yusuf’s comments are good for balance. Then again, Yusuf was a member of the government that implemented the civil service policies he now criticises!

      1. Ekuson Debango | Reply

        Actually, Murtala did not want MD as the Inspector General of the Nigeria Police force. His appointment apparently was a last minute decision. He thought MD more beholden to the Gowon regime, a carry over from that administration. Certainly there existed some animus between those two in the same way one existed between Murtala and Bisala(sp?). BTW the correct title of the book I referenced is “This House Has Fallen, Midnight In Nigeria”, which is different from a work by Chinua Achebe of eerily similar tilte. Achebe’s is titled ” This House Has Fallen”.

  95. The truth is that there is nobody who is confident 2 rule this nation. We are all full of greed. And another thing ti solve this countries mess, it as 2 be divided.

  96. we are grate countries wit grate past leaders. Pls my fellow muslims brodas nd sistas, nd d cristian’s lets stop kilin our on blood.

    1. you should be begging ur “muslim brothers and sisters” making the nation unbearable for us to live in……i thank God everyday that i’m yoruba, we have inter-religious marriages without crises, we live together in the same houses, churches are built beside mosques without problems in the west. what’s the problem with the northerners? they re too fanatical, uneducated and evil, the states re undeveloped nd they still continue blowing up the little they have…how smart!

  97. Abubakar Abdullahi Maiyaki | Reply

    Please is good that you check and rearrange the current affairs, because some of the new appointment leader are not included eg. inspector general of police

    1. The list was complied a while ago. We know and understand that many of the people on that list have moved on eg. D. Akunyili, Iheanacho etc while others have swapped ministries like O. Aganga etc. We know and we understand that.


  99. By grace of god one day nigeria will be a betal country by me so help me god amen

    1. Dr. Ekuson Debango | Reply

      Those of you that think Nigeria will be a better country some day should know this: So far a lot of resources(non-renewable) have been wasted on nothing and things have only gotten worse since socalled independence. Road nko? him no dey. Water nko? Him no dey. Food nko? Him no dey. Power nko? Yup, hope is like yeast, it will only rise with warmth.
      I don’t know about you all, I am tired of hoping for nothing to happen. The country needs a radical change if we are to keep hope alive.

  100. Goodluck Jonathan’s administration has done more harm than good.

    1. Prove it now!
      It is easy to spew and nonsense but harder to back it up with facts. I don’t want to hear anything about the wise economic decision to remove fuel subsidy as part of your argument. Now prove it!!!!!

  101. To improved our as nigerians will make us to be in a great standard as a cuntry,and also make our society a better place to stay in time to come,let the labour of our heros never go inven.One to every in nigeria

  102. I pray that god will help our leaders, give them knowledge and understanding for thdm to rule us well lomg life and prosperity amen

  103. I pray that god will help our leaders, give them knowledge and understanding for them to rule us well long life and prosperity, no weapon fashion against them shall prosper in jesus name amen.

  104. I will pray you nigerian leaders to continous rule this country

  105. How i wish the will allow me to rule this country just for one month,i will eliminate corruption and and mount eletricity in nigeria.i want to kill IBB AND THE REST OF THEM

  106. Bt Nigeria should do something,f nt lost al our Leaders

    1. Salbi Mshelia | Reply

      Thank you Benjamin you are the only person that has a vision to realized the devil who destroyed our great country nija. Buhari is the best ever.

  107. Such all greatest leaders dt av ruled but why avn’t we Nigerian av a gud leader nw while aving a ruler? Pls my people, wot can we do 2 eradicate dis problem. C, today’s Nigeria ruler r al corrupted pple, may God hlp us in dis country ooo with a gud leader.

  108. all of these are not good leaders for Nigerian, dey are just lyk a thief for us accept Gen Sani Abatcha and Gen Buhari.

    1. A time in comedy:@At Anonymous I agree with you wholeheartedly that with the exception of Gen Sani AbaTcha and Gen Buhari all the other leaders dey are lyk a thief jari. Well said and joke’s on you.

  109. Kudos 4 d past leaders

  110. If i will be given an opportunity to spend a month in this country being the president, i will make make this country a better place every individual in all part of the world will like to be, and i pray one day my dream will come true. AMIN

  111. Which of these government is the best ever?

  112. When we talk of Nigeria & curruption, permmit me 2 say dat both big & small here is currupt, but the curruption came 4rm the top, the so called past leaders. Those who say give dem oppotunity, dey will change Nigeria 2 paradise d promise land, its not true, rather u’ll b worse bcos u have also drank 4rm dat pool of water called corruption. Nigeria is really a great country & it has all it takes 2 look greate, but the few group of people who sat on top yet as leaders are busy looting the countries wealth 2 enrich their pocket, opening private compnies here & there, instead we travel out 2 other countries which some of them are not even as wealthy as ours 2 source 4 means of livelihood. This is consciously bad & needs salvage. If this country had been well managed 4rm the onset, with the consciousness of making it good & enviable & without the selfish idea of using it as an avenue of getting self enriched, here would have at least been like America. Just like SOULSTAR, i am proud 2 b a Nigerian, but never happy with any of its leaders. Nigeria realy needs deliverance by GOD de FATHER Himself.

  113. I’am with Buhari for ever ! The only surviving leader who love his country and the poor. Is there any problem with person who doesn’t like thieves ?
    My people this is not a matter of language or region, is a matter of clean fact. If we see truth we should say it. General Yakubu Gawon is another existing hero, all these people are not corrupt they are the true leaders. and they are still surviving with out stealing or looting our treasure. But for people like Babangida, Abdulsalam, Obasanjo, Atiku and a others don’t deserve to leave. They suppose to be hanged in public ! I pray we should have a good leader in our blessed country.

  114. Aneke Ebere Francisca | Reply

    I know and my mind is always telling my that i wil rule this country one day,to bring a better Nigerians to both the rich and the poor.

  115. i thank dos who created dis page

  116. I pray someday I become the president of this country…I’ll make things easy for the less privilege…

  117. ephraim achonye | Reply

    GOODLUCK JONATHAN IS NOT HELPING DIS NATION ALL, he is a bad luck to our nation, every day bombo blast is not what we want, let him step down or he fight the boko haram

  118. I’m so happy to googled out my past and present leaders. In fact it’s a thing of joy, but my question remains the same”are we living up to the expectation of their dreams?, check out from 1960 till date, nigeria still fighting the of sentiment, ethnicity, lack of love for one another and inability acknowledge the unity of nigeria. These’re the things that causes me sleepless night. May God help nigeria!!!!!!!!!


      if nigeria want to elect better leader to rule us, we should try our best to take a pyschological and philosophical look at them b4 elect, we should not carry away by their wealth, fame and fortune, and also issue of background, ethnicity & favoritis


    we pray to God almighty to give us good leader that promote this country to the highest esteem

  120. We face many troubles in this life, but victory is always ours because of jesus. He has conquered the enemy on Nigerians. Let us pray that i will rule (not lead) this country, so i will battle our problems with God almighty amen!!!

  121. we are love nigera and leaders

  122. Making a better Nigeria starts from you and me. Stop blaming the Governments alone but also check your status and what you`v done for your nearest neighbour.
    lets do it right, starting from us.

  123. Mayowa Babatope Ajala | Reply

    I’d like the Nigeria Leader’s to be in Chart diagram.

  124. You indeed did great justice to our past heads of state.

  125. God we Nigerians needs a leader nt a ruler

  126. if i was opportune i will make 9ja great again


    All are nt confindent conpitent to lead us,take it or live it. Am lukin forward to be the persident of this nation one day.May GOD help me AMEN.

  128. Igbo man must rule this country, they are the peace maker and have the spirit of real democracy.

  129. Let the sleeping dog lies. There is no gain in loosing fellow human beings. Do not make the power attainment a do or die affair. If you are needed by your countrymen, you will be voted in without violence. Don’t forget that when two elephants are fighting, the grasses will suffer. If all the common citizens are gone, whom will you rule over. A word is enough for a wise.

  130. Wil Nigeria be better than this

  131. I want join naigerian army in 2014


  133. Hi to my past leader in nigeria

  134. My wish is this, if president goodluck jonathan is going to lead nigeria for more ten years. Nigeria you are lucky to have a good leader like goodluck, am so happy for my country NIGERIA….lets PDP goes arround world.

  135. My wish is this, if president goodluck jonathan is going to lead nigeria for more ten years. Nigeria you are lucky to have a good leader like goodluck, am so happy for my country NIGERIA….lets PDP goes arround this world.

  136. adeniran samuel | Reply

    on one day i shall become a prsdnt of this by GOD grace amen haleluya and i will rule well, in love unity,peaceful,wit fully security provided 2 the citinzenship of d nation. so helps me GOD AMEN.

  137. Oh God, please choose a leader for us. Because the ones
    we have chosen and those that have chose themselves as our leaders are destroyed for lack of knowledge

  138. My prayers is to be came one of the men,( such as nigeria Army) so that i my faith agian boko aram.

  139. major benson | Reply

    Application Guide

    Welcome To The Online Recruitment Portal for the Nigerian Armed Forces. On this portal, you can fill the application form, edit your application form, view your application profile, upload your credentials, and check your application status to know if you have been recruited.
    Follow this order:

    (1) Obtain a PIN Code from any branch of First Bank Nigeria branch nationwide upon the payment of N2,500 Application Fee to the cashier.

    (2) Log on to

    (3) Read the Qualification Criteria.

    (4) From the Home Page, Select DSSC or SSC application type. Ensure you chose the right type from the home page.

    (5) Click on ‘Register’ above to fill the registration form. Ensure you type the PIN Code obtained from the bank correctly

    (6) On successful registration, you will receive a success email and SMS from ‘The Nigerian Army’.

    (7) Click on ‘Login’ to login, then you can start filling the forms.

    (8) Add your profile (This will require a passport photo and your biodata).

    (9) Add your qualifications (WASSCE, and other certificates are entered here).

    (10) Upload/Edit Documents (Attach your Certificates here).

    (11) Print your photo cards.The first page is to be signed by Court of Law.The second page is for your Local Government to sign.
    Admission Application Form for the academic session that starts in 2014 is out. Members of the public who need admission help should contact major general benson on his cell phone number 08141676346 he is the chief admission officer he will help you
    gain admission into the Army Recruitment.

  140. Good day fellow Nigerians am George Darlington from Abia. I want to refer this as a qestion : Since this Bokoharam rosed in nig. does it mean dat nig. Govt. is not capable to salvage them.

  141. Nigeria, so long as am concerned is the best country so 5ar so well in God’s creation, blessed with both natural and mineral resources but, u can imagine dat out of 4 brodas, only 1 is claiming to have Nigeria and dats d Northerner, (Hausa). Yet not untill dey kum back to dier senses, wether ruled by the most wise or foolish man Nigeria will never get to its face of new look. Just take a look at Ghana of yesterday but, today dey 5ar advanced dan Nigeria in both Education and Technology. What a shane?.

  142. To hell with all the Rulers of this country…excep the Good one’s. BLOODY MILLITARY, BLOODY CIVILIAN. Tribalism is there food.

  143. i pray nigeria will be good in jesus name amen

  144. Mr Max Siollun, it seems to me like you are in a hurry to bend Nigeria’s history at your will. Are you sure you are doing history any good when you deliberately omit the first president of Nigeria for any reason. No matter how you wish to look at it, Nigeria ran a system that gave him the credit at the time and sorry Balewa was the prime minister not the president.

    1. “Balewa was the prime minister not the president” – EXACTLY! Balewa (not Zik) was the head of the government. Zik was a ceremonial “President” only without executive government power. Zik even admitted so himself.

      1. Max Siollun, I guess Mr Fernandez was very right. You cannot bend history. If you are a little confused, visit wikipaedia. You are quite right that Zik even admitted so himself, but that was while he complained about the anomaly in the system as orchestrated by the fleeing British because it should nt have been so. Zik still remained the head of state and commander in Chief of Nigeria’s armed forces while Sir Balewa was his prime minister. Beyond that still, Zik was the Governor General and head of government of Nigeria before that. Just give him his due credit.

  145. Nyambe Giancarlo Isaac | Reply

    I hope peaceful living to nigerians.

  146. I like to be a leader one day

  147. God punish all nig leaders

  148. May the Lord help us in this country.

  149. NOTED

  150. allah ya jikan shugaba nagari kamar umar musa yaradua ina fatan alheri ga sabon shuga kasa ta nageria na yanzu General mahammadu buhari

  151. All my gud pepl in de militray we ra seen ur gud work about wat is going on in our country.i say may de God all mighty power u in Jesus name Amen,i like militray since i was bon. an since dat time am still luking 4 de work but only God know’s why i have not get it,am still tryin 4 it even dis 73inteka am still with de form now,i cant 4get nigerian army in my life if i do let me die,i need it 4rm anywere anyhow, am gud 2 go,if nigerian army will help me which i know dey we do,am a nigerian which i will die 4 my conutry,i thank u all nigerian army may God pless u an pless who see an hear my cry 4 help in Jesus name Amen,08062843893 is my thanks long life NA,

  152. God nigeria is your hand, come an take control of this our country.

  153. Nigeria is a big country in this world both there big reason and porpose we don.t have leaders there are always helping there selp an there family buhari is u on time now we are praying for u to do justice and unity nigeria don.t make your menbers to be suffer nigeria has money help poorpeoples to enjoy there life that is my on advice to u our god nigeria leaders genera babangida is the stopit leader in this country

  154. One day,I shall also be part of Nigerians history. I apreciate their effort

  155. i lov nigerian frm kamal usman adamawa state

    prof.Dr.ibrahim kabir sultan

  157. this is not current

  158. The name of incumbent president in Nigeria is neither a curse nor a blessing to the elected president. I Wii not go far
    Nigeria is very hard to govern Buhari but I wish you good luck
    Our Ola will start to Lekan in Nigeria when I Olalekan becomes the president I vow.

  159. Ahamad Dan-Haire | Reply

    God Bless Us and Our Dear Nation Nigeria,

  160. Obeta juliet | Reply

    God will grant your heart desires

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