#Nigerian Woman Who Gave Birth at Age 59




Emir Sanusi: Northern #Nigeria Needs Economic “Marshall Plan”

Interview with the new Emir of Kano Muhammed Sanusi II (AKA Sanusi Lamido Sanusi) about the Boko Haram insurgency in northern Nigeria.

Key points made by Sanusi:

  • Islam “preaches education for all adherents”.
  • Marrying young Muslim girls off at a young age is actually a cultural (not Islamic) practice “that is not consistent with the teachings of the (Muslim) religion)”.
  • Poverty level in northern Nigeria provides a fertile breeding ground for militancy. Says the same thing happened in the Niger Delta.
  • Boko Haram insurgency must be tackled via an economic “Marshall Plan” for northern Nigeria.
  • Says insurgency calmed down in Kano because of investment in infrastructure there.
  • “As long as people as gainfully employed they are not likely to jump into the bandwagon of insurgency”.


How #BokoHaram will Affect 2015 #Nigeria Election

Good article in Africa Confidential about how the Boko Haram insurgency in Nigeria will affect next year’s presidential election.

One surprise from the infographic map above is that although Adamawa State is under a state of emergency even though the number of deadly attacks in that State are about 25% of the number of attacks in Kano State (which is not under a state of emergency). Also Bauchi state has had 600% more attacks than Adamawa State, and it too is not under a state of emergency.


The Nigerian Army’s War with #BokoHaram (PBS Frontline)


This is a PBS documentary (also shown on Channel 4 in the UK) about the Nigerian army’s battle with Boko Haram. It contains very harrowing footage of suspects being allegedly killed by the army and their civilian allies the Civilian Joint Task Force.

Civilians are being caught in the crossfire of the war between Boko Haram and the army. After Boko Haram attacks, the army sweeps in and arrests suspects. Locals claim that innocent people are often arrested, beaten, and killed after Boko Haram fighters have left the scene:

Nigerian government’s response to allegations of abuse by the army and CJTF:

“#BokoHaram is the 2nd Most Lethal Terror Group in the World”


“Operation No Living Thing” – The RUF and Nigeria in Sierra Leone


Grim account by a rebel soldier on the battle for Freetown, Sierra Leone between the RUF and the Nigerian ECOMOG force. The rebel soldier joined the RUF after going through a horrific “initiation” of being forced to kill his own friend.


The Tendency of Nigerians to Ignore National Trauma


Nigerian Army Pride has been “Wounded by #BokoHaram”


#Nigeria’s War against #BokoHaram: Going from Bad to Worse


#‎Nigeria‬ Launches Biometric ID Cards for Voting and Payment



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