#Nigeria’s War against #BokoHaram: Going from Bad to Worse


#‎Nigeria‬ Launches Biometric ID Cards for Voting and Payment


The Difference Between Shia and Sunni Muslims




Car Crashes: #Nigeria’s Third Biggest Killer


How to Buy Oil, Politics, and Violence in Nigeria (and get Free Delivery!)

For those of who in Nigeria who keep wondering how you can buy Oil, Politics, and Violence…you can buy the book from Iqra Books of Ilorin. Iqra deliver free of charge to some locations in Nigeria.

You can contact @bolajibooks on Twitter or Abdullateef Bolaji on Facebook.


The Former Prison in #Nigeria Turned into an Artistic Site

Great feature on Freedom Park in Lagos, which used to be a prison in Nigeria’s colonial days, and housed famous prisoners such as Obafemi Awolowo.




Nigeria Implements “Infra-Red” Test to Check Spread of #Ebola



Interactive Map and Timeline of all #BokoHaram Attacks

  Click the link below for an excellent interactive map and timeline/summaries (produced by Al-Jazeera) of Boko Haram attacks going back to 2009 when President Yar’Adua was still in power. http://webapps.aljazeera.net/aje/custom/2014/bokoharamtimeline/index.html

Readers with Their Copy of #SoldiersofFortune: Number 22 – Sakina Kabir “Awestruck Reader”!






 Many of you have been posting images of yourselves with your copy of my book Soldiers of Fortune. To say thanks to you, I have been posting “shout outs” to say thanks to you for  buying and reading the book.

The 22nd shout out goes to Sakina Kabir – an “awestruck reader” in her own words!  Sakina says the book “might as well be” a movie, since “so many unwritten movie scripts are contained in our history”! Quite an endorsement.

Copies of Soldiers of Fortune can be bought from:

Online from Buyam and Cassava Republic who can deliver directly to your front door:


Interfaith Muslim-Christian Marriages in #Nigeria


Feature on marriages between Christians and Muslims in Nigeria. Such marriages are actually common and used to be uncontroversial. However politics and wider controversies in society have suddenly put such marriages on edge.


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