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History of #Africa TV Series by @TheZeinabBadawi

I had the privilege of speaking to the renowned Zeinab Badawi last week. She is working on an exciting sequel to her documentary series on the History of Africa. You can watch the first series here. The great news is that she is currently doing preparatory work for the next series which will feature Nigeria! She will interview a lot of prominent people in Nigeria and give insight on pre-Colonial Nigeria.

Ms Bedawi is rather busy these days. I first came across her when she was a news reader on Channel 4. These days she is the chair of the Royal African Society and works with UNESCO. I am very much looking forward to her next series and highly encourage you to watch her first series above.


Ogas at the Top: Nigerian TV Satire




Don’t Tell My Mother that I am in Lagos


Nice documentary on the National Geographic Channel hosted by┬áDiego Bunuel – about life in Lagos and what confronts a newcomer to the city. Of course, there is an obligatory visit to a Redeemed Christian Church of God in Lagos.

Sesame Street Comes to Nigeria

Some of you might have grown up watching the US kids’ show Sesame Street. Well, Sesame Street is coming to Nigerian television screens. A locally produced version with Nigerian version called “Sesame Square” will be broadcast in Nigeria. It will feature Nigerian characters and voices, including “Zobi, a yam-eating taxi driver, and Kami, a talkative five-year-old living with HIV”.






The New Kings of Nigeria



After the “Welcome to Lagos” fiasco, the BBC is running aoother programme tonight at 22:00 (GMT) on BBC4. The BBC says it will be a “film about elite young Nigerians returning to a burgeoning media world in Lagos”.

A link to watch the programme will be posted on here asap after the broadcast.

“Welcome to Lagos” – BBC TV Programme on Lagos

Watch the documentary here: https://maxsiollun.wordpress.com/2010/04/15/watch-welcome-to-lagos-bbc2-tv-programme/


*Trailer Above

After “Blood and Oil” the BBC continues with another programme on Nigeria. The programme is on next Thursday April 15, 2010 at 21:00 on BBC Two (except Northern Ireland (Analogue), Wales (Analogue)).

It is a three part series of programmes on Lagos, Nigeria. The BBC’s synopsis of the programme says that the first episode will uncovers life in Olusosun rubbish dump. “Here, around 1000 people live on top of the rubbish in houses built from scrap. The film follows the daily lives of two men who have become skilled at turning rubbish into gold. Eric, aka Vocal Slender, is a musician, and every bit of scrap he finds brings him one step closer to his dream of launching his music career, but a serious fight nearly ruins his chances.

Joseph is a trader who works hard to provide for his wife and two small children, and who has filled his house with things he has found on the dump. ‘If there was a bigger, dirtier, stinkier dump where I could earn more money for my family, then I’d go there to work,’ he says.

With extraordinary access to some of the poorest parts of town, the series celebrates the resilience, resourcefulness and energy of Lagos’s 16 million inhabitants, and shows how successfully many of its slum dwellers are adapting to the realities of the world’s increasingly extreme urban future.

Thu April, 16 2010 – 21:00 GMT, BBC2

The Guardian and the BBC website also contain excellent summaries of what to expect from the programme.