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Swaziland King Jails Minister for Having Affair with His Wife

Remember a while back I posted an article about how the young wife of the king of Swaziland (King Mswati III) had an affair with the King’s Justice Minister?


Well, things have taken a turn for the worse.

Apparently, the Justice Minister Ndumiso Mamba and the King’s 22-year-old wife Nothando Dube (a former Miss Teen Swaziland, and 12th of the King’s 14 wives) has been fired and arrested. He is likely to be jailed.  Dube herself has been placed under house arrest and one report claims that she will be placed under 24 hour surveillance for the rest of her life under the supervision of the King’s mother. Dube has borne two children for the 42 year old king (the king has about 23 children).

Apparently the King discovered the affair after security operatives raided a royal villa and caught Mamba red handed in bed with the king’s wife.  Incontrovertible evidence of the affair was provided when they photographed Mamba hiding in the base under the bed.