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Fuel Subsidy Protests: Soldiers Called in to Lagos

Governor Babatunde Fashola of Lagos State condemns deployment of soldiers in Lagos State:

Negotiations between government ad workers’ unions:

The Reason for the Fuel Subsidy Protests – Occupy Nigeria

This Occupy Nigeria phenomenon is about more than fuel price increases. This is a young persons’ protest against social injustice, wealth inequality and corruption.


The “Occupy Nigeria” Movement and Phenomenon


I still do not understand why the government did not phase in the fuel subsidy withdrawal in installments; incrementally increasing the petrol price – rather than doubling the price overnight!  Clearly the government did not understand or anticipate that such a move would cause mass protests, especially among the technology and social media young generation who have spread their message and anger via social media.


Fuel Subsidy Protests Continue in Nigeria – Protesters Shot Dead

Nigeria’s finance minister Ngozo Okonjo-Iweala interviewed regarding the fuel subsidy:



Fuel Subsidy Protests in Pictures:


Protesters shot dead:


Fuel Strike Protests Brings Nigeria “to a halt”


Protesters Threaten to make Nigeria “ungovernable”



History of Oil Spills in the Niger Delta

Wikileaks Exposes on the Niger Delta: “A Cesspool of Corruption and Crime”


Depressing reading regarding the corruption in Nigeria’s oil industry and the shenanigans of oil companies, militants, thieves, and the police force – all engaged in corruption.

“US diplomats also referred to a complaint from one oil multinational about the Nigerian Navy, which, the complaint said, was totally incapable of protecting oil companies in the delta. When rebels attacked an oil platform in the Gulf of Guinea with a total of six speed boats, Shell employees sounded the alarm at 2:30 a.m. It was only at 7:30 p.m., after the attackers had long disappeared, that naval boats arrived — and their primary aim was to obtain supplies of fuel and food from the platform.”

MEND Calls off Truce: Promises “All Out Onslaught”

Grim news. The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) has declared that it is calling off its ceasefire and will resume attacks on oil installations. MEND promised a new “all-out onslaught” of attacks on oil installations. MEND was never officially part of the amnesty programme brokered last year by President Yar’Adua:



So MEND never surrendered their weapons and technically retained the option to unilaterally resume attacks at any time since it was not party to the non-aggression documents signed by other militants who took up the amnesty offer.

You can read about MEND’s resumption of attacks at:



Al-Jazeera Report on Militancy in the Niger Delta