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Nigeria’s Independence Day Celebrations – Videos on the Making of a Nation


October 1, 1960 – Independence Celebrations



Northern Nigeria Prepares for Independence


Southern Nigeria Prepares for Independence


A Nation was Born 100 Years Ago








The Berlin Conference: 1885: The Division of Africa




Nigeria’s First Elections – The Road to Independence


These videos are classics and chronicle Nigeria’s first elections – hotly contested by the Northern People’s Congress, National Council of Nigeria and the Cameroons, the Action Group and Northern Elements Progressive Union.  There is some wonderful archive footage here and interviews with the Sardauna of Sokoto Ahmadu Bello, Nnamdi Azikiwe, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, Obafemi Awolowo, Maitama Sule and a young Aminu Kano.





Even though 50+years old, the issues it highlights (cultural and religious differences between north and south) are still relevant today. The things that struck me most:


*The Sardauna’s complete disinterest in federal politics and focus on preserving the customs and integrity of the north. When asked whether he would become Nigeria’s Prime Minister or Governor-General, the Sardauna replied: “I would rather live here amongst my people and carry my traditional title than an imported one.” 


*Azikiwe’s lack of partisan political ambition – saying it did not matter which of he, Balewa and Awolowo became Prime Minister.*The Sardauna’s irritation with Awolowo’s brash campaigning and desecration of northern traditions by hovering over/dropping leaflets on the Emir’s palace.




This is a must view. Enjoy!


Nigeria’s 50th Independence Anniversary (October 1): Memories of a Colonial Officer

Memories from Nigeria’s early days. This time from a British colonial officer who formerly worked in Nigeria. Article below and an undio interview of his memories in Nigeria: