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Lonely in Lagos, #Nigeria

This is a BBC documentary podcast called Lonely in Lagos. Africa has the world’s largest rate of rural to urban migration. As people move to mega-cities like Lagos (which has 15-20 million people depending on whom you ask), they experience the irony of living in a mega-city of several millions, but still being lonely.

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Nigeria’s 50th Independence Anniversary: Lagos Stories

TV time again. After the abomination that was “Welcome to Lagos”, here is another BBC documentary about Lagos. This one is a little more balanced though and features the good AND the bad: interviews with Lagos State’s reforming Governor Babatunde Fashola, as well as visiting the poor areas of Ajegunle.  Thankfully the hostess is a Nigerian and it is very much Nigerians telling their own stories in pidgin etc. Great scenes and dialogue with Okada riders. :-)

Part 2:

Part 3:

An African Journey – Hosted by Jonathan Dimbleby (BBC)







Programmes about Africa coming thick and fast from the BBC.  The latest one is called “An African Journey” – hosted by Jonathan Dimbleby. He goes on at odyssey of sorts from Bamako, Mali, to Ghana, then to Lagos in Nigeria.

The BBC’s blurb says that “In Lagos, Nigeria’s business capital, Jonathan Dimbleby sees a different take on a city that is often depicted as a hotbed of violence, crime and corruption. He is taken on a private jet by Africa’s richest man, then savours the creative talents of two of African music’s rising stars who are helping to cement Lagos’s place as the continent’s cultural hub.”

Full programme above, and clips below.