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Live TV Links to Watch #Nigeria #MinisterialScreening

Channels TV:






The Physical Transformation of #Lagos, #Nigeria

Good photo feature by the BBC on the physical improvements in Lagos State over the past 8 years or so.

#Nigeria: Mapping a Nation by Ethnicity, Religion, Education, Security Et Al

From The Economist:




The Man Who Returned Stolen Ancient Art to #Nigeria

The Osun-Osogbo Yoruba Festival in Nigeria

The Assassination of Dele Giwa: #Nigeria’s First Act of Terrorism?

This broadcast is about the the letter bomb assassination of famous Newswatch Dele Giwa in 1986. Giwa was the ex-husband of Florence Ita-Giwa, the Senator for Cross River South. Many regard Giwa’s murder as Nigeria’s first act of terrorism. This broadcast includes an interview with Giwa’s colleague Kayode Soyinka, who was with Giwa when he was killed.

Slum Survivors: British Mechanics in #Lagos, #Nigeria

Follow three pampered (borderline spoiled in one case) young British kids who are sent to Lagos in Nigeria to work as mechanics in a tough, no-nonsense garage. Watch them try to get to grips with eating local spicey food (including rice and stew, and goat intestine), being offered accommodation in a “face me I face you” and them going to a Lagos beach party.

It was a journey for these young people. My favourite is the Scottish girl who got on with things in her new environment, got to grips, and seemed far tougher than her male counterparts. I also loved the scene where she is inspired after meeting a Nigerian lady that trains young women to be mechanics.

Readers with Their Copy of #SoldiersofFortune – Number 25 (Adam Dikko)

Many of you have been posting images of yourselves with your copy of my book Soldiers of Fortune. To say thanks to you, I have been posting “shout outs” to say thanks to you for buying and reading the book.

The 25th shout out goes to Adam Dikko.

Copies of Soldiers of Fortune can be bought from:

Online from Buyam and Cassava Republic who can deliver directly to your front door:

Full list of locations here:

A Bibiliography of Resources on #BokoHaram

Emir Sanusi: Northern #Nigeria Needs Economic “Marshall Plan”

Interview with the new Emir of Kano Muhammed Sanusi II (AKA Sanusi Lamido Sanusi) about the Boko Haram insurgency in northern Nigeria.

Key points made by Sanusi:

  • Islam “preaches education for all adherents”.
  • Marrying young Muslim girls off at a young age is actually a cultural (not Islamic) practice “that is not consistent with the teachings of the (Muslim) religion)”.
  • Poverty level in northern Nigeria provides a fertile breeding ground for militancy. Says the same thing happened in the Niger Delta.
  • Boko Haram insurgency must be tackled via an economic “Marshall Plan” for northern Nigeria.
  • Says insurgency calmed down in Kano because of investment in infrastructure there.
  • “As long as people are gainfully employed they are not likely to jump into the bandwagon of insurgency”.


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