Everything You Need to Know About My Latest Book

NSOF cover

You may have heard that my new book will soon be published. Please see below for information about where and when you can get the book, how much it costs, and a list of answers to all those questions you are about to ask me… ;-)


Where can I pre-order the book?

From Amazon.

When can I order?


How much will the book cost?

£25 UK pounds sterling

When will the book be delivered?

August 2019

Where can I buy the book in Nigeria?

From Roving Heights Books. They have book shops in Abuja and Lagos or you can order from their website and they will deliver the book to you within 1-3 days. They also have social media channels on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Their phone numbers are (+234) 09026666195 and (+234) 09092158968.

Is there a Kindle or other e-book version of the book?

Not yet.

How can I buy your previous books?

From these places.

What is the book about?

It is a sequel to my previous books Oil, Politics, and Violence and Soldiers of Fortune. The latest book covers the Abacha to Obasanjo years in Nigeria. The book aims to be the leading authority and definitive reference point for a seminal decade of crisis that shaped modern Nigeria. It is the third in the author’s trilogy of books on Nigerian history (each examining a separate decade at a time).

Can you tell me a bit more about the book’s content?

Sure. With excellent background that can serve as a primer for the uninitiated, and copious new information to amaze even the most seasoned Nigeria expert, this third book of Max Siollun’s trilogy on Nigeria is essential reading.

The silhouette of military rule still looms over Nigeria nearly 20 years after the soldiers departed. Key personalities of the military rule era remain active in Nigerian politics (including current President Muhammadu Buhari). With a breathtaking “I was there” style, the book examines multiple near-death experiences that Nigeria experienced during its last bout of military rule.

Although the book is about a nation, it also follows the trajectory of three mesmerising individuals. Moshood Abiola was the multi-billionaire friend of successive military governments who was elected president, then had his presidency voided by the generals who made him rich. General Abacha was the mysterious military ruler under whose watch Abiola was arrested and detained, and pro-democracy activists (including Abiola’s wife) assassinated. The third protagonist Olusegun Obasanjo emerged from prison to return to power as an unlikely conduit of democracy.

The author has gained access to sources and documents that were not available to earlier researchers. These sources and documents make this book the most in-depth “lift the lid” account of the Abacha-Obasanjo years ever published.




3 responses

  1. I am sooooooooo happy that this is coming out. It has taken far to long oga max. I read soldiers of fortune first and then read oil, politics and violence. To say they were both captivating reads is to make light of the extent of detail and work put into those works. I will definitely pre order this one.

    Oga Max when are you coming to Nigeria? Your fans are dyeing to meet you. The selfless service you render to our country is truly immeasurable. your work affords younger generations like mine an opportunity to properly understand our history.

    God bless you sir.

  2. I absolutely enjoyed your two previous books and I am excited to read this new book. I have not seen any link to where I can buy the book in Nigeria when it comes out. Is it not going to be available in a book store here ?

    1. Yes Ralph. We will arrange for distribution in Nigeria and will send details of where in Nigeria it will be sold, once the book goes on sale.

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