What is Behind the Recent #Biafra Agitation in #Nigeria? (Part 2)

The topic that dominates Nigerian public discourse at the moment is the resuscitated demands for the secession of the eastern region as a new country called Biafra. This comes 50 years after the last (failed and very costly) attempt at Biafran secession.

Channels TV’s Kadaria Ahmed and Al-Jazeera recently hosted television shows about the new Biafra phenomenon. I was a very informative series. Please see below for the Al-Jazeera TV Show:


8 responses

  1. William Hansen | Reply

    Where’s the beef or is this bog simply a promo for a TV program?

    1. I assure you it is not a promo. Just highlighting a topic of contemporary interest.

      1. William Hansen | Reply

        It is a topic of contemporary interest…but all of us who live in Nigeria already know that. You might have wanted to comment on the quality/point of view of the films/programs in question. What I found out from your blog I could have also found out from a TV schedule. That’s what I meant by “Where’s the beef?”

  2. 1) I am not a TV reviewer or critic. I posted the videos for the benefit of those who missed the TV show because you know; they had jobs or things to do at the time the show was on.

    2) Not everyone in the world are “all of us who live in Nigeria”.

    3) The only (unnecessary) “beef” here is in the comments section…

    4) Have a nice day.

    1. William Hansen | Reply

      I will…have a nice day, that is. I can see your comments section is only for those who choose to heap praise on Max Siollin. Criticisms are not accepted. So be it.

  3. Lol Max surely you should not give the typical Nigerian response of “Shutop”. I understand Williams perspective on this, for the Nigerian insider Audience beyond posterity’s sake a fresher perspective to the story is always welcome.

    1. I was not telling him to “Shutop”. The analysis and perspective is in the video I posted.

      1. William Hansen | Reply

        I must have missed the analysis…

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