Storified @Okadabooks Twitter Interview with Max Siollun


If you missed my live Twitter interview with Okadabooks, you can see the Storified record of it here. I discussed a lot: Nigeria, is history, the state of publishing, and even jollof rice and puff puff!;-)

If you want to read sample chapters of my book Soldiers of Fortune, you can download a sample chapter or two here. Then you can decide whether to read more, some, or all of the book.


2 responses

  1. Terwase Swande | Reply

    Hi Max.
    We communicated long ago on email sometime in 2000 or 1999 when i wrote you concerning Colonel JRI Akahan who happens to be relatively unknown despite the key positions he occupied in Nigerian Military history.

    I recently came across Colonel DJ Orkuma who claimed he went to Imperial college and was commisioned on the same day with Buhari. What I found interesting about Colonel Orkuma is that he punctured the assumption that only Ojukwu, Ademoyega, Olutoye, Rotimi, Banjo and Ifeajuna were graduates. Orkuma claims to be have been a graduate as far back as 1961 when he joined the army. Something for you to look into.

    1. Hello Terwase. Thanks for your message. Where did you meet Colonel Orkuma?

      I have never actually said that Ojukwu, Ademoyega, Olutoye, Rotimi, Banjo and Ifeajuna were the “only” graduates. Those six were the first graduates who held combatant commissions. If you read my book OPV I mentioned other graduates in the army; such as Colonel Austen-Peters of the medical corps.

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