Many #BokoHaram Members Have Never Read the Koran

Below is an article I wrote in the New York Times about the changing nature of Boko Haram’s threat and the likely next stage in the group’s evolution.

A few excerpts:

the group now seems to spend as much time engaged in banditry as it does fighting “Western education.” When officials from Nigeria’s Office of the National Security Adviser interviewed Boko Haram prisoners, they were told that most of the group’s soldiers “have never read the Quran.”

Also the group seems to be changing tactics:

Today, Boko Haram is no longer occupying large parts of Nigeria. Instead, it has morphed into a group of well-organized bandits. The military’s successes changed Boko Haram’s threat, but didn’t eliminate it.


3 responses

  1. This is just propaganda being spread by the real evil sponsors of these murderous gangsters. They never read the Koran? Really? So, what were Shekau and his fello demons reciting before they slaughtered their victims, fellow Nigerians, like goats, the Bhagavad Gita? These imbeciles should never for a second imagine they can fool anybody, their game is up and they should face up to their responsibilities, even though they have shed all conscience.

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  3. […] Many #BokoHaram Members Have Never Read the Koran […]

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