#Nigeria To Double Size of Its Army

The Chief of Army Staff Lt-General Tukur Yusuf Buratai has revealed that the Nigerian army will add two new divisions: which will be designated as the 6 and 8 divisions. 8 division will be based in the north east (in northern Borno), and 6 division will be in the south-south region (Niger Delta).

Buratai made the announcement during a lecture he delivered entitled “Nigerian Army: Challenges and Future Perspectives” at the National Defence College in Abuja.

This will increase the army’s manpower from its current 100,000 (6,000 officers and 94,000 NCOs) to 200,000 (190,000 NCOs and 18,966 officers). The army will recruit 12,000 new members in 2016 alone to ramp up its force strength.



7 responses

  1. It’s true that nigeria need’s to increase her size of defence,one should also consider it’s weaknesses how fast the army can deploy his troops from kaduna to niger delta,what is the element of surprise without being ambushed,how effective is your intelligence agency to gather & share co-ordinate information before enemy strikes?what is the morale of soldiers on ground?in case a soldier dies or capture on line of duty how do you negotiate his release & cater for his families?etc.all these & many more matters in defence once a soldier feels cheated or humiliated such temperament must affect his discharge of duty.

  2. Mohammed Mohammed Garba. | Reply

    such a plan by the chief of Army staff is good idea. Because areas were this insurgency is happening need more of this soldiers. In any country of such situation the more soldiers deploy the less crisis, and problem solved.it is good plan and welcome development for Nigerian Divence.

  3. Nigerian defence has been mess up by so many arnomalies for example her inability to curb insurgency had given rise to other groups to follow suit,nigeria has to learn how to approach & recruit non military or private military personels intelligence remains a major set back for nigerian defence agencies you dont get information in your office intelligence saves more lives than negotiation increasing strenght is good how well equiped? are they prepared for the job?what do they believe?what is their state of mind? does the state care for personels? intelligence changes so is time & tide the greatest mistake nigeria will make is to ignore private military contractor recruit give them contract in defence research training etc.

  4. all thanks to the man that make me and my friend to
    become the Nigeria
    army force,it has be long i am my friend to become one of
    the Nigeria
    army force,by the man called sagent omotola akpade, he is
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    are onto the
    same way you can contact sagent omotola he will help you
    ok on

    1. Dafe Kingsley | Reply

      I will prefer to work as an instructor or in the research institute.

  5. […] January of this year the Nigerian army announced that is was going to create two new divisions. The two new divisions are 6 division which will be in the south-south region with its headquarters […]

  6. Why nigeria army

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