#Nigeriadecides: Is #Buhari a Dictator or a Reformed Democrat?


My interview with National Public Radio’s Melissa Block regarding Buhari’s first sting in power as Nigeria’s military ruler between 1984-1985.

Some excerpts of what I told NPR:

A government in Nigeria today has to behave in a far more benevolent manner…the citizenry has evolved as well and are a lot more sophisticated; a lot more cognizant and aware of their rights, and would not tolerate some of the excesses that the military got away with during the decades of military rule.


2 responses

  1. Lovely thanks max

  2. Max Siollun:

    I have read many of your articles which are always well written. Each time, I have been wondering what part of Nigeria you’re from considering your name. That “bafle” where you came from in Nigeria widened today when I heard your voice in your NPR interview concerning Buhari.

    My fellow Nigerian, where and how did you get your nice voice and intonation. It did not sound any thing remotely Nigeria. But I must admit, I loved it.

    Take care until I hear from you.


    Mazi Ogbonna

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