#Brazil’s African Heritage


Nice features by the BBC on African/Nigerian food being cooked and served by locals in Salvador, Brazil. Amazing how much African influence there is in Brazil (including worship of Yoruba gods).

Brazil is actually home to the world’s second largest black population and some of the black population still maintain strong roots with their African heritage.



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  1. African continuities in various parts of the New World after centuries of forced relocation are simply outstanding. While some research has been done on this, so much more still needs to be covered. Second largest black population in the world after Nigeria; that’s huge. I only learned about this figure recently. I wonder, however, if their mixed-race African descendants are included in this figure, just as African Americans largely define black as constituting anyone with African blood.

    1. It would be interesting to do a “census” of resident black populations outside Africa in places like the Caribbean and Latin America.

      1. I agree.

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