Readers with Their Copy of #SoldiersofFortune: Number 21 – Nas #maxsiollun


Many of you have been posting images of yourselves with your copy of my book Soldiers of Fortune. To say thanks to you, I have been posting “shout outs” to say thanks to you for  buying and reading the book.

The 21st shout out goes to “Nas” (@pam_E_chic on Twitter).

She has actually posted snippets of a few pages from the book:


Copies can be bought from:

Online from Buyam and Cassava Republic who can deliver directly to your front door:




2 responses

  1. Max, ‘trying to purchase a copy of Soldiers of Fortune from the US, for some reason Cassava republic does not have the US listed as one of the countries it ships to. The 2 other websites you have listed aren’t selling the book. Is there another way to get the book? Thanks.

    1. Thanks for your interest in SOF. Check your e-mail. I sent an e-mail explaining how you can buy it in the USA.

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