TV Interview with a Boko Haram Member


CBS television interview with a Boko Haram member in Abuja who called himself “Saleh Abubakar”. He claims the kidnapped Chibok schoolgirls “willingly” converted to Islam, and that more schoolgirls will be abducted.


One response

  1. I would like to know about the idiots who call’s them self ”BOKO HARAM”.
    People fighting of victory they can not get killing innocent souls painting our country black with an eveil name.. If they think they re doing the right thing why not come out and say it.
    I wonder what the parrents of those idiot’s would think of them self for giving birth to beast they regard as childeren.
    BOKO”! let me ask a question, if u people had been killed from bitrh i wondre if you guys would have been such a horror..!! Shame on you!!!

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