The 2002 Armoury Explosion in Lagos – Over 1000 Killed

See below for eyewitness testimonies and recollections of the massive 2002 armoury explosion in Lagos.

Over 1000 people were killed when a large stockpile of military explosives accidentally exploded on 27 January 2002. Many panic stricken residents thought the fireball and explosions were the start of a military coup or a military conflict.  Many of those fleeing drowned after accidentally being stampeded into a canal.



These explosions were so powerful that windows shattered 15 km away and the blast could be felt more than 50 km inland.

The explosion threw up several other unexploded military munitions, which fell down in Lagos in a hail of exploding shells, grenades and bullets which caused further death and destructions.


Panic stricken civilians trying to flee were either killed by munitions, killed in a stampede, or struck while trying to cross busy roads.


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