“This Book is Incomparable to Any of its Kind” – A Reader’s Take on Soldiers of Fortune




“J’ai fini…..my book no 17 for 2013 ….. ‘Soldiers of Fortune’ by Max Siollun.

Greatly filled with extensive research and history….wow. The level of research that went into the writing of this book must have been craaaazy! My pen did a lot of highlighting whilst I was busy devouring the pages.

Now, this book transported me to the days the Military bestrode the Nigerian sphere like they were owned it. Fascinating tales of IBB’s time as the president and Buhari’s rule. The whole military culture and coups are well detailed. I doubt I can say much but YOU NEED TO READ IT YOURSELF…c’est tout!

This book is incomparable to any of its kind…and I doubt there’s any like it. I felt the same way as I did while reading ‘Tragedy of Victory’ by Gen.Isama.

As a researcher, I’ll hold on dearly to this book and I can’t wait to have discussions about coup d’etat,the military and Nigeria. Why?? Cos I can’t wait to share the knowledge gained from this book.



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