Can Nigeria’s Christians and Muslims Live in Peace?


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  1. I do noy think so

  2. Nigeria’s Christians and Muslims have been living together in peace. We have never had religious problems here. What we have had in abundance are ETHNIC and POLITICAL problems. Unfortunately, the (western?) press tend not to know the difference. There is perfect harmony between the christians and the muslims among the Yoruba nation. However,there have been clashes between the Yoruba OPC (easily 70% moslems) and the Hausa/Fulani (mainly moslims) communities in Lagos and Ilorin. In the Plateau area, problems emanating from political and economic disputes (LGA and political ward and traditional chieftaincy seats creation) have been wrongly depicted as problems between ‘moslems and christians’ by the press. These communities have been living together in peace for decades before our cut throat,thieving,racketeering special brand of politics started causing problems in the nineties.

    1. Birom Christians v Muslim Fulani. Muslim Boko Haram bombing Christian churches. Looks very “religious” to an outsider.

    2. Ekuson Debango | Reply

      Dear, go to youtube and type in the word “fitna”. Then relax and watch the movies. The answer to the question is buried in the content of that movie.While you are at it also google the name “Andrea Brevik” and read his manifesto very carefully. These people understand more that you.

  3. Ekuson Debango | Reply

    The facts on the ground contain the answer to this question.

  4. Ekuson Debango | Reply

    What do you guys make of the fact that Odumegwu Ojukwu’s Will contained a bequeath to his apparent Hausa daughter by the name of TENNY HAMAN. I am assuming(but I a not sure here) that this Hausa daughter of his is related to the late Major Ted HamMan who who killed by Biafran forces during the civil war.Can anybody substantiate any connection here. This apparently is Ojukwu’s very first offspring. Shocking indeed. A close family friend claims to have knowledge of this daughter all along but Ojukwu’s last wife had no inkling of her existence until his Will was unveiled.Any knowledgeable commentators on this one? I want to connect the dots as quickly as possible here and any info will help.

    1. Ekuson, do you have any evidence that Tenny Haman is the daughter of Ted Hamman? (sp) If not, this is gossip…

      1. I only wondered if the said daughter of Ojukwu(not Ted Hamman’s) is by chance related to Major Ted Hamman.I am only curious and getting curioser as the day goes by.The revelation is quite shocking to say the least.

  5. as from time immemorial the two religious group has never live in harmony. I dont think there will be any now.

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