How Well Do You Know Africa?

Think you know lots about Africa? Well, here is a chance to show off how much you really know about Africa. Take the 10 question quiz below. Answers to the questions will be posted here in due course.


NO CHEATING, no use of Google (or other web search engines!), no checking Wikipedia! ;-)


1) In what year did Ghana become independent?


2) What is Africa’s most populous city?


3) Which African country did Yasser Arafat and the Palestine Liberation Organisation flee to after being driven out of Lebanon?


4) Which is the only African country never to have been colonised by a European nation?


5) Jean Bedel-Bokassa was the leader of which African country?


6) Who was Egypt’s first military leader?


7) What is Africa’s largest country?


8) From which country did Paul Kagame’s Rwandan Patriotic Front invade Rwanda in 1994?


9) Who was Nelson Mandela’s non-political profession before he was jailed for life?


10) Which country is Timbuktu in?


7 responses

  1. 1) 1957??????
    6)Gamal Nassar

    1. You got the answers right EXCEPT 6, 7 and 10. Missing answers below:
      6 – Mohammed Neguib
      7 – Algeria (no longer Sudan, since it split into two)
      10 – Mali

  2. 1957


  3. Liberia was never colonized too

  4. 1. March 6 1957 2. Cairo 3. Egypt? 4. Ethiopia 5. Central African Empire(Republic) 6. Nasser 7. Algeria 8. Zaire/Democratic Republic of the Congo 9. lawyer 10. Mali

  5. Liberia can be interpreted as being colonized by American slaves EUROPEAN nation

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