Mass Wedding in Kano State

The Kano State government carried out a mass wedding of 500 people.  It held a a mass wedding ceremony for hundreds of divorcees, widows and young unmarried girls. Its aim was to encourage marriage, reduce the number of divorcees and widows, and help those who cannot afford a wedding ceremony by themselves.

Divorce rates in northern Nigeria are among the highest in West Africa. Al Jazeera claims that one in three marriages fail within three years.


The weddings were supervised and organised by Kano State’s Hisbah Board (Islamic authority) which tested the couples for HIV, gave them food, bedding, furniture and clothing, and gave each bride 20,000 Naira.




3 responses

  1. Who is the curent nigeria speaker house of representative

  2. Some people are waithing to get marry at ealy age but on a lack of finarcial problame they cannot make, if porsible the kano state govmnt should help the out of this to avoid sexual feelings to bought male and female.

    1. I want 2 advice d kano state government that the should provit any job opportunity 4 this people bcos the 2ok the gave 2 them does nt mak sence.

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