Nigeria’s Celebrity Preachers and Mega Churches

Excellent piece in the Economist about Nigeria’s culture of celebrity mega-rich pastors and mega-churches. Preachers such as TB Joshua and David Oyedopo are household names with Forbes estimating the latter’s wealth at $150 million.


Churches and prayer are big business in Nigeria, and it is common for church members to pay 10% of their salary in tithes to the church every week. The mega-churches are like corporations and have their own broadcasting facilities, overseas offices, TV stations and PR machines. Faith Tabernacle and Christ’s Embassy are expanding into Ghana, Liberia, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe.


It is odd that Christian preachers are rich in a religion started by a poor carpenter’s son born in a manger…


The rise of prosperity preaching has to be contextualised against the background of Nigerian society where spectacular wealth disparities exist with millionaires living next door to peasants, and people seeking get rich quick schemes at every opportunity. In seeking wealth – the churches and congregation have the same goal…


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  1. Any body that says something abt any prophet or pastor is rather an enemy to that pastor.

  2. Pls if you read the book 1st john 4:1-3 you will know the false prophets. By zacks

  3. Zechariah suwamu | Reply

    Pls if you read the of book 1st john 4:1-3 you will know the false prophets. By zacks

  4. It will be a great joy in heaven that the word of God is been preached to all part of the world.There is nothing like money millionaires in the church that a man/woman will own by himself/herself without the help of his/her creator(God).

  5. Sayce k is now talk of the town after the naija born sensation hit GaLAXY hotel last night.Nzube peter also called sayce is currently in Edo state (Auchi) for a live tour

  6. Have heard of him his d new naija hottest musician have heard of his One More ft emizky .SAYCE K is one of the best nigeria wil ever produce he is gud

  7. Have you not heared that ”you should seek first the kingdom of God and every other things shall be added unto you ”

  8. It is u fortunate that there is so much misinformation – and most of them distractive and powered from hell – against the bride of Christ, the church. The time-tested truth however is that God – to whom all things belong – does indeed bless His people, not just Pastors alone but every true worshipper – and He can be extravagant at that. Rather than envy why not just join us? You are welcome!

  9. Jesus is the atonement for sins of mankind.
    God is merciful.

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