Ibrahim Gambari: ‘The UN’s dictator envoy’


Al-Jazeera interview with Nigerian diplomat Ibrahim Gambari. Nigeria’s former representative to the United Nations. Al-Jazeera’s Folly Bah Thibault interviews Gambari about the United Nations UNAMID mission in Darfur and his meeting with Sudan’s leader Omar Al-Bashir.




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  1. Ekuson Debango | Reply

    If I am not mistaking, Folly Bah Thibault used to be an anchor for France24 before she was fired. I did not like her assumption that a UN built “mansion” in Darfur belonged to Ambassador Gambari. I think that if she knew how much it cost to build and funish the “mansion” she should have dug up the title or deed to the “mansion” to prove ownership before using it in her story.However, Ambassador Gambari was also sharply criticised for his work in Myanmar by those who lacked inside info about his diplomatic footwork. Look what is happening in that country now. It took a lot of effort from people like him to accomplish such change. If the UN put him in the “mansion” while on official duties then so be it.Like he said, the mansion” was there when he arrived and will be there long after he has left.
    Kudos to Ambassador Gambari for a lifelong work serving humanity.

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