US State Department Report on Murtala Muhammed

A very unflattering report on Nigeria’s former leader General Murtala Muhammed written by the the American State Department shortly after Murtala came to power in 1975.

This is a memorandum sent to the US Secretary of State. The memo described Murtala Muhammed as “an erratic, vainglorious, impetuous, corrupt, vindictive, intelligent, articulate, daring Hausa”. Ouch. Not very flattering.


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  1. Let them comment on the living ones:buhari,babangida,obasanjo,atiku,gowon.

    1. did you read the article at all or just the headline?

  2. interesting read

  3. Ekuson Debango | Reply

    Thank God Almighty that somebody excavated this diplomatic report from the archives.This summarises what I have been saying all along, especially the corruption part.His very unstable and erratic demeamour would have meant that he should have been dismissed from the army before he even made it to the rank of a full Lt. Col way back in 1966.His last rank should have been no more than a Major.The US authorities must have been shaking their heads in amazement when he emerged as the most qualified and suitable to lead the country in 1975.Speaks volumes about where we have been,where we are today and where we are going as a nation. I now rest my case.

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  5. […] US State Department Report on Murtala Muhammed: […]

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