“Government is a Part of Boko Haram”: Interview with Nasir El-Rufai:

Good interview with former Minister of the Federal Capital Territory Nasir El-Rufai. He claims that Boko Haram started as a peaceful organisation, but became violent after the former President Umaru Yar’Adua ordered the security services to crush them.

He says that Boko Haram, MEND and the OPC are all terrorist organisations since “any organisation that takes up arms against the state is a terrorist organisation”.
El-Rufai says the “state became a murderer” and that the “government became a criminal” after arresting and executing Boko Haram members without trial. He interprets the Boko Haram attacks as the group’s revenge on the government for the extra-judicial execution of its members, and rejects arguments that Boko Haram attacks are a northern-Muslim plot to destabilise a government led by a southern Christian.

El-Rufai also alleges that some attacks attributed to Boko Haram are actually the work of paid government agents, or the work of criminals. He says that the “government is a part of Boko Haram”. El-Rufai identified 4 parts of Boko Haram:

1) The original Boko Haram.

2) A government sponsored Boko Haram under the supervision of the security forces.

3) Criminal elements operating under the Boko Haram banner to rob banks etc.

4) Political rivals in north who use arms to settle disputes between them.

El-Rufai does not believe Boko Haram can be defeated by military means. He rhetorically asked “Tell me where in the world military action alone has solved an insurgency” (at 9:15). His suggestion is to “combine military action with diplomacy”.


10 responses

  1. Its just that the truth is bitter, El-Rufai’s perspective to the Boko Haram menace vis a vis the Government is correct

  2. That’s my conclusion too. It’s another way of trying 2 breakup d country by the Igbos, a mission which Goodluck represents.

  3. All wat el-rufa’i said are right only few are wrong both all wat we no is that boko haram are sent by those at the house directly mustly muslims

    1. Mr. Jude try to say the truth as El-Rufai did. It is also wrong of you to say only Muslims are the BH. What about our xtians who were caught wit arms/explosion in verious places in this country claim to be BH sects, where did you categorised them. Never conceal the truth so that we’ve lasting peace.

  4. All wat el-rufa’i said are right only few are wrong both all wat we no is that boko haram are sent by those at the house directly mostly muslims

  5. All what we need by our president is that government should recruit forces as many as possible so as keep good security concious.

  6. boko haram. weda startin gud nt da point. all i knw is dey are enemies of life, and wil nt stop espect bin destroyed. we’ve heard of akeda and so much terroristic act. we mit be calm owin 2 lak of parwa. every culd be boko day but neva da less tym nd taid wil row.

  7. Sulaiman jibril | Reply

    May Allah bless u mallam nasiru el-rufa’i. I wish all nigerians wil know that.

  8. Sulaiman jibril | Reply

    Obi cynthia may Allah bless u too.

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