Why is Nigeria So Corrupt? BBC Podcast: “Nigeria Crossroads”

Excellent podcast by the BBC which describes the Niger Delta as a giant crime scene, and examines the roots of corruption in Nigeria.

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  1. Painful Truth | Reply

    What a stupid, animalistic question from the same demons that created the evil!
    I hope I read well that the BBC (British Beacon of Corruption) is the one asking that? How shameless and idiotic can British evil, bloodthirsty propaganda mouthpiece of an evil empire be?
    Who are they really asking that question? Nigeria? Well, they can tell us who a ‘Nigerian’ is, because there is no one or nation called by that name..
    Only at British gun point are people taking up such useless name to be theirs, because the British forced them to accept it by duress!! However, only bigger fools insist on maintaining that slavery by fiat! Well, it is more of the lazy useless ones that could only survive at such chaos and free looting as taught by the evil British imperialist.
    So to the ‘idiots’ at BBC, who talk to dead people (Like taking interview from a DEAD Yar’Adua), your ‘Nigeria’ is so corrupt because (You) the creator is evil and corrupt and worse still, led by a bloodthirsty old witch, that drank innocent blood of Biafra children, men and women…
    ‘Nigeria’ is at crossroad, just as their evil creator G(od forsaken) reat Britain is at even worse crossroad.. Remember, the Scots will soon launch the vicious secession bid!!!
    So BBC What are you going to report on that?
    Let Biafra GO!!!

  2. We nigerians need leaders not killers that we are having now,if we call our self one nation then we must comply with the moto on the flag.Too save nig out of boko haram,niger delta,biafra etc.Nigerians need equal right nd justice.

  3. […] corruption yet again making front page news in Nigeria, I thought it was an at time to resurrect an article I […]

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