The Assassination of Patrice Lumumba


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  1. Dr. Ekuson Debango | Reply

    Certianly very painful to watch the killing of an elected African leader with Western acquiescence. And to think that the West is now returning to African in full force in the form of AFRICOM is rather too disturbing.AFRICOM it is, in partnership with the likes of Israel and other Western nations, not too long ago held a war game on military intervention to capture Nigerian oil fields in case of a war in that country. The United States it is that, not too long ago, predicted the disintegration of Nigeria by 2015. AFRICOM it is that fired the first interventionist shots that saw the end of the Libyan govt of Col.Muamar Ghaddafi. So now can you guys tell me who Boko Haram is and why now? Do I need to continue here? I rest my case.

  2. there are 1001 reasons to read meanings to d mission of africom and d predictions of d C.I.A on Nigeria’s unity-a nexus

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