An Analysis of the Coup in Mali

An army mutiny in Mali seems to have morphed into a military coup. Apparently the Malian Defence Minister visited an army barracks and was unable to reassure troops that the government could suppress a Tuareg uprising. The troops fired into the air, headed for, and looted the Presidential lodge. The army then made a TV broadcast announcing the overthrow of President Amadou Toumani Toure, a curfew and suspension of the constitution.

Mali’s President Amadou Toumani Toure is apparently safe, and is being guarded by elite “red beret” troops who have remained loyal to him.

One the coup leaders Captain Amadou Sanago spoke to the BBC and claimed the Malian army intends to organise new elections for the election of a “new President, legally for all Malians”.  When he was asked why the army should overthrow Mali’s democractically elected government, he dropped the phone and ended the telephone interview.

A coup in Mali

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  1. Dr. Ekuson Debango | Reply

    Wait a minute here. The reason for this military action against an elected govt is that the insurgency in Mali is growing stronger. Could this be Boko Haram’s plan for Nigeria? Did I hear correctly that Malian Army Captain Amadou Sanago said the Malian Army will hold elections for the election of a” a new president, legally for all NIGERIANS”. So Nigeria has now outsourced it’s elections to Mali military. Have things gotten this bad in Nigeria? Things are really moving very fast in that country.Notice also that the report claimed that excess arms from Libya have gotten into the hands of the Tuareg rebels.How far is Mail from Northern Nigeria? Just curious.

    1. The reference to “Nigerians” was a typo and has been corrected.

      1. Dr. Ekuson Debango | Reply

        I was just kidding with that reference to Nigeria. However, it always continues to amaze me when western journalists and reporters mistake Niger Republic for Nigeria.They almost always write “Nigerian” when reporting a story about people from Niger who are not Nigerians but “NigeriEns”. Really how stupid could it get. I saw a lot of this during the false yellow cake allegation leading to the bulid-up to the invasion of Iraq.I used to laugh at those reports so hard until Ms Palin’s reference to “the country of Africa” in an interview.Then I instantly stopped laughing as this was no longer a joke or laughing matter.

        1. We need a more marked demarcation between Nigerians and Nigeriens. Too close!

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