Queen Elizabeth’s First Visit to Nigeria


Queen Elizabeth II’s first visit to Nigeria in 1956. She is welcomed at the airport by federal dignitaries including the Minister for Labour and Welfare Festus Okotie-Eboh and Governor-General Sir James Robertson.


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  1. Abosede Fasanya | Reply

    I presented flowers to Queen Elizabeth II during this first visit to Nigeria in 1956. I presented the flowers outside the Houses of Parliament in Lagos. There was a dance afterwards. I was about 7. I would love to see some archive footage. Do you know how I could find it? Abosede Fasanya

    1. Thanks for sharing this memory. I have seen several photos of little girls presenting flowers to the Queen during that visit. Maybe you were the little girl in the photos and footage I have seen?

  2. Fantastic old footage in that video!!
    My Father was one of the pilots involved in the No. 9 Squadron Canberra flypast, during this particular visit to Nigeria by Queen Elizabeth II. The flypast was on the 11th February 1956.
    He is 86 now and remembers it well.

    1. Hi Dawn. Thanks so much for sharing your father’s memories. Much appreciated.

    2. Awesome. I have been looking for people who experienced these events and the days of the 50s/60s to get their stories


  4. Listen to the video clip the Girl is about 4yrs old named Olushade Lawson daugher of Lagos state town council. So Abosede Fasanya you a typical 419 nigeria.

    1. Many little girl at various time presented flower to the Queen at various events and place. There was flower presentationat the Airport on arrival, there was presentation at the State-House marina, Flag house Ikoyi, the parliament building, Race course and several places so it all depends on the venue in question. thanks

  5. She is now known as Mrs Folashade Randle. she must be round 60yrs old


  6. I also remembe the Dawodu Twins also presented flower to the Queen (Mrs Taiwo Adeife – Oseimekhian (rector fedpoly offa) and the twins sister)

    1. This is true, Taiwo and Kehinde Dawodu presented the Queen with a bouquet of flowers and her Husband, the Duke of Edinburgh with a brooch, during their tour of Queens College, Lagos.

  7. Mobola Salvador | Reply

    Please I would like to know what date the Queen visited Port Harcourt.

  8. Frank Monday Udeme | Reply

    How long did the queen stayed in nigeria?

  9. Ganiyu Ayanniyi | Reply

    OK I don’t think she came to Nigeria

  10. What was the aftermath of her visit

  11. Feyisayo Osho | Reply

    My Grandma who was a baby then when the Queen visited Nigeria,Lagos in 1956 got carried by the Queen when she was crying! and would like to find the newspaper as she had it but it got soaked years ago in a water leak and has been looking for it since.There is a link
    but for me it seems not to work if anyone can help to open it up I would be so grateful :) :)

  12. did the Queen visit Kano North Nigeria

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