Boko Haram: In The Killing Fields of Maiduguri


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    I don’t believe the people on this video.Military intelligence must have received some solid info before acting. One of the people on the tape for sure squealed and the miltary acted on the info. As long as these people continue to condone and abet the terrorists, this sort of quick kill action will continue. Notice the young man in the tape threatened civil war and that about said it all.Shows where their heart is and where they are coming from.My understanding of this Boko Haram thing is that the Northerners object to the 13% derivation of oil revenue that currently goes to the oil producing states( as recently alluded to by the governor of the Central Bank, a northerner himself) because they think it is depriving them of needed funds to provide services for their people. This is quite a conundrum considering that the arrangement before the civil war was that the regions controlled their revenues and paid rent to the federal government. It was reversed by Gowon who never reverted to the original arrangement even after the war was over. Quite a quagmire!!!

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