Video: Goodluck Jonathan Calls for Dialogue with Boko Haram

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan calls for dialogue with Boko Haram, and for Boko Haram’s members to identify themselves and their demands.


Unexploded bombs found by Nigerian police in Kano. Some concealed in coke cans.



4 responses


    I am quiete aghast to hear that our president is calling for dialogue for inhuman and criminals who have there own selfish interest alone at heart, by killing incessantlly innocent nigerians. infact whatever is his intention of doing this, i know if it needs voting to know peoples opinion, majority of nigerians will never be in support of it.whether he is doing this because of our young democracy, no one knows, what ever democracy means, i dont think there is in any way democracy will support or give right for people to take laws into there hands without making there grievances known to the appropriate authorities. if you happens to make dialogue in other for your admistration to function effectivelly, what about those who must have lost there lives and there berieved families. what amount of compensation shall boko idiots pay in other to retrieve such innocent lives? President goodluck jonathan should try to stand the taste of time. if you are afraid of what the international community will say about our record in human rights violations and other international accords which nigeria is failing, remember other nations like russia venezuela cuba many practice democracy according to there country statue and standard. if wiping out those sponsoring them you do it over night and clear your way and the way for nigeria to move forward.after cleaning your house, you can then start democracy to the international standard to suit the international community.someone whose house is on fire dosent go about in pursuit of a rat.. Rather be strong and be proud that you are the peoples elected president. do not allow your special advicers to misguide you instead use your veto power atimes so far it is for the national security and beneficial to all nigerians. please stop this dialogue in other not to bring shame to your hardline supporters and nigeria in general. we are all watching.

  2. Okay Mr. Prez, wanna talk 2 BH just talk 2 northern leaders. It can’t b any more complicated at all.

  3. What on earth is Goodluck doing about boko harram let him do something or else…

  4. Please Mr.President if dis dialogue tin wil bring peace and hormony amongs us all please do it 4 its better dilogue dan 4 more lives 2 b lost.pls sir wat u tink is gud do it nd God wil b wit u nd b ur strenght…Amen

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