How to Stop Boko Haram – “Nigerians are Not Security Conscious”

Interview with the Nigerian army’s Director of Public Relations, Major-General Rafael Isa.

He made some very interesting observations. The Boko Haram phenomenon is very complex and is a combination of issues including social and political crises, illegal arms proliferation in Nigeria and west Africa, lack of human intelligence and security consciousness. He also said that contrary to claims that Boko Haram is foreign sponsored, the group draws its membership from Nigerian citizens.

He also revealed that Nigerian troops are receiving counter-terrorism training.


7 responses

  1. “He also said that contrary to claims that Boko Haram is foreign sponsored, the group draws its membership from Nigerian citizens.” – Two different things: sponsorship and membership; there’s no contradiction in the statement.

  2. Boko haram will never stop. No amount of counter-terrorism training, advance technology or human intelligent that will stop Bokoharam since the actors and the sponsors originated from this criminally inclined nation called Nigeria. There is no foreign sponsorship of this group other than the citizens of Nigeria. The money that was used to fund this terrorism were the same money that was reported missing from the Niger Delta oil revenue which was transfered to unknown foreign Bank accounts.
    By-the-way what did you guys understood by the word “Terrorism” ? Nigerian government is a terrorist to their citizens, looting of public fund is a terrorism, Suffering human beigns with massive hunger and death is the worst of all terrorism which started massively by Gowon and continue existing till today.Rigging of democratic election 1999/2003 and millitary coups is also a terror act. Dennying peoples right of their natural resources and false imprisonment is an act of terrorism. Bombing of Nigerian Airforce hercules aeroplane 1991 that killed 120 people on board is a terrorist act. No one ever questioned all these atrocities (both past and present) which gave courage to the risen of the Bokoharam ” Law is supreme irrespective of who is involve” Our senior force and intelligent officers knew the sponsors of these terro group but will never reveal whom they are since they got their fat checks. Trust no force man in Nigeria( both Armed forces, Air forces and police officers) they were all corrupted citizens.


  4. oh my God! Nigeria over and over again i am disappointed. i’m only 20 years old nd i think i even know much more than this “major- general”. imagine take a look at his answers to questions. he answered to the question of if there is any compromise in the army, by saying “when there is anything like that it just pop up. we don’t even have to……..” oh God bullshit! so that means there have been no investigation amongst the army, the police and security forces, he doesn’t even believe there could be an “help enemy” amongst these. and again he’s always saying the people are not security conscious as far as i am concerned it’s the military that aren’t security conscious how come it was the police station that was burnt down, how will they even know anyone is planting a bomb when there are no cameras. My own dog can’t even sleep in some Nigerian Police stations. Nigerian government and military have failed us. it’s time for the youth to rise up! and stop being used by this good for nothing government

  5. This reply is to ojo whose gonna make us youth to rise up and bla bla bla we Nigerians think of ourselves alone not others

  6. Boro haram can not be stop until we remove our presiend

  7. Lets hope in God is only God that can stop them and he (GOD) has started and they going to be stoped and captured by God.

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