Boko Haram Bomb Attack in Kano

Over 200 people killed in Boko Haram’s latest attack. This time Boko Haram bombed the northern city of Kano. Reports say the group used a combination of gun attacks and bombs to carry out the latest attack.

Boko Haram members disguised in police security uniforms infiltrated a police station, and also carried out a gun attack on the station – indiscriminately firing, killing many officers. This was a coordinated bomb and gun attack.

A witness said:

“…we saw people running and heard gunshots from the gate, I saw them shooting. You could not differentiate the Boko Haram members from our Police Mobile Force men because they wore the same uniform…They were more than 50. As I tried to run a bullet hit me on my left hand and another shot hit me on my chest I fell”

Another witness said he saw close to 50 attackers and that they “killed every person inside except women and children...all of them were dressed in either Mobile Police uniforms or Army camouflage. They also wore black cloth under their service caps.


9 responses

  1. We like boko haram

  2. Aisha suliaman | Reply

    Pls in the name of Allah i beg you to please n please stop d killing of innocent lives now boko haram u have left me an orphan in this world you killed my dad n mum now am left alone pls create peace for country nigeria instead of war pls hear my cry alone wl u b happy wen ur parents re killed n u remained an orphan pls help us kip a lasting peace in nigeria instead of bombin n killing innocent lives coz we must all give account of this to Allah on d last days heaven n hell which do you choose

  3. Sanimahammedauta,

    How did you felt when you are speaking to the whole world with your Hausa Language?

  4. A killer must be killed one day. that is a law governing the whole sphere of human endeavour.
    the golden rule states that what ye would want another to do unto you, do ye even so to them

  5. How will the Muslems feel if the Christians wake up one morning and revenge the blood of those beloved once killed in the churches in Northern Nigeria.
    How will they feel if while praying to their Allah, all of them murdered the same way they murdered those Christians. They claim that the Boko Haram people are not doing it because of religion but what we are seeing today shows that they are doing it because of religious differences. The Nigerian Government has kept quiet because it is the IGBO’S that are involved, when we’ll strike back let them not talk, because that will cause more trouble.

  6. Pls nd pls stop killing innocent peole like fowl.

  7. Please and please hear my cry.stop killing people in nigeria.nigerian government you supporse to settle with boko haram leaders.

  8. Please and please hear my cry.stop killing people in nigeria.nigerian government you supporse to settle with boko haram leaders.5/4/2012

  9. Khafayat m oguntola | Reply

    Pls pls n pls stop dis nonsense cos dis killing is too much better repent before it will be too late.

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