Street Life in Lagos – Al Jazeera


2 responses

  1. Max, thanks for putting this up. Nice Docu…..and as a Documentarian myself, i know what hard-work must have gone into this. and Max, if you need any Researcher on a project,let me know ooo….lol… thanks

  2. Bullshit! they are not even Nigerians. whoever and all those who put up this documentary are fools. b’cos Aljazeera will never show the beautiful parts of the country, show the talents the youth have. show achievements or take a look at what nature has got to offer the country. their pleasure is to paint us black and they are more than happy to show this off………. whatever it is you say or however you depict Nigeria i grew up in there, developed my talents and even despite the society’s failure i am happy with where and what i am today. thank God the fools who showed you around are not Nigerians

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