Nigerians Protest Removal of Fuel Subsidy



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    the current removal of fuel subsidy by the president is a right step in the right direction. it is a way of giving hope to the neey and making the impact of the natural resources, felt in all nooks and cranies of the nigerian society.many nigerians who are ignorant may see it as a very wrong impression of the jonathan admistration, due high cost os there day to day life. removal of this subsidy, shall create jobs, build infrastructures, hospitals, schools health care, etc.the dividends if properly utilised shall bring smile in the face of nigerians.I use this opportunity to commend on all nigerians to use this as a sacrifice to there fatherland. we dont have any other country than nigeria.we should help the government to help us . we shouldnt take the laws into our hands.let us listen to the president since he promised from the bottom of his heart not to dissapoint us.united we stand, but divided we fall. politicians should not use the dividends of fuel subsidy to enrich themselves and family~. let us sit down and keep watching one love nigerians

    1. i like the fact that you mentioned “if properly utilized” the fact still remains that it is just going to be used to fuel their greedy already enriched pockets. the money is going no were than into their pockets. let’s face the fact it’s been over fifty years now nd u still believe Nigerians should be patient so they die in hunger. I’m sorry but u sound like a relation of one of this politicians(if u aren’t one), we produce petroleum in our country nd we still suffer for it. what a government!!

  2. In the real sense,Nigerians has nothing to do with subsidy. Why can’t we build refineries? If we stop exporting crudeoil and start refining this oil ourselves,PMS would be less than #40. Subsidy or no subsidy,build our refineries nd we will kno Nigeria is moving forward. How sure are we that d proceeds wl b properly utilised? We aren’t fools,what if the so-called government embezzle the money,wat can we do? Even,the EFCC are less concerned about mismanagement of funds. God will take control,people do say. In reality,God won’t come down to help us,we have to do it ourselves. Next time,if someone said he wore no shoes to school,so we should vote for him because he knows how the masses feel,let’s just buy him plenty of shoes and move on. GEJ is not man enough to lead this nation.

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