Victims of Boko Haram Bombings

List of the victims of December 25 Christmas Day bomb blast at St Theresa’s Catholic Church, Madalla

Comrade Dike A. Williams

Emmanuel Dike

Richard Dike

Lilian Dike

Lynda Chioma Ubiukwu

Uche Queen Obiukwu

Chidinma Cynthia Obiukwu

Linderlin Ifeoma Obiukwu

Ann-Chinedu Aigbadon

Chiemeri Nwachukwu

Cecilia Ebeku

Oluebube Faustina Pius


Chidera Sylvia Pius

Florence Nwachukwu

Eucharia Ewoh

Joseph Daniel

Inspector Titus Eze

Obasi Jonathan Onyebuchi

Ehiawaguan Peter

Uche Esiri

Sgt. Kadiri Danjuma

Paulina Koju

Chukwudi Umeh

Christiana Kadiri

Esther Agbo

David Agbo

Helen Okolo

Mercy Agbo

John Agbo

Obiukwu Uche Stella

Ebuka Abuyi

Celestine Aniowo

Michael Sunday

Lucy Unji

Chiamaka Obiukwu

Favour Dike

Chimaobi Dike

Favour Egbo

Maria Obodugo

Kosisochukwu Egbo

Nzubechukwu Pius

Obodo Linus

Austin Ogbuagu

Chuks Ajuwe

Esther Ibu

Blessing Philip

Isaac Ibu

Kenedilins Aloysus

Madalla bomb blast victims at specialist hospital, Gwagwalada

Innocent Okoronkwo (Intensive Unit)

Chima Ohazurume

Justina Uche

Chinyere Amaechi

Ifeanyi Emenaha

Fidelia Onugwu

Chinyere Anthony

Sadiq Idris

Onyinye Peace Eneh

Clara Umozor

Pauline Okoronkwo

Uche Bonaventure

Uche Michael

Lawal Abubakar

Victor James.

Victims at general hospital, Suleja

Owen Sylvester

Dalamin Isah (Passer-by)

Ali Sani (Passer-by)

Victim at major hospital Kwamba

Edeh Christiana

Victims at delight hospital Suleja

Roseline Okeke

Chisom Eucharia Okoye

Victims at Suzan hospital, Suleja

Chukwuebuka Obiakor

Jennifer Obiakor

Chidera Obiakor

Batrice Otogo

Victims at daughters of charity, Kubwa

Oliver Ogbonna

Remy Ofoha

Francis Rapheal

Victims at diamond Crest hospital, Zuba

Gabriel Christiana

Michael Nwanze

Achunike Okolo



Nzube Pius


3 responses

  1. I must state unequivocally that the federal govt are rather exbiting a sense of laxity, and expressing their full support over the killing of the southerners especially our youths. If not, why should they encourage the youth to travel to this state for their service just to have them murdered in cold blood. To say the fact this disheartening…Federal govt wake up.


    it is quiete sad to read out this names and it happens to be almost igbosw.this is a crime against humaniyt. to take away someones life. shall the pepetrators be caught and brought to book? why each time igbos? this are questions we need to ask our selves if actually we want to tell our selves the truth. the igbos suffered a lot during the biafran war, were we lost up to one million men and women. shall nigeria continue to force itself as a one sovereign state? its time to answer such question.enough is enough. how can we sit on the fence and see our brothers and sisters die like chicken? if we cant have a say in our country, or feel free in our country, whereelse can we seek refuge? the government shoul sit up and address this isue, or if the government cant defend the lives and property of itd citizen. we then have to seek an inmortal solution so as to to repeat itself again. igbos in diaspora should wake up and keep monitoring the situation, as it unfolds, in other not to take us unawares.

  3. DESTINY ABUKA | Reply

    I think the only solution 4 our case here is for military govt to take over the administration of our dear country.

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