Africa’s Richest Dictators

Mobutu Sese Seko, Abacha and Babangida are there…


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    sometimes it baffles me to always see my country in the back side of life. nevertheless we ought not to relent as nigerians to buckle and face the challenges of the 21st century despite all odds. if we did not reap the dividends, our childre and our childrens children shall reap it. one of the happiness i have is that both the dictators who ontained there wealth trough loothing of public treasury shall one day die like there poor counterparts. our society and country shall be in the front wheel of democracy, accountability and the rule of law if the new generation should deviate themselves from the illicit act of the old cargos who has become a cancaworm to the society and our country at large.After all the loothing and dictactive rule og General Abacha, where is he today? it now remains IBB when his cup is full being untouchable shall never rescue him he will leave his riches and follow the other inmortal part of life A word is enough for the wise. We should put all hands on deck to make nigeria great and our God given natural and mineral resources shall be enjoyed for the citizenry and not those in govenance alone

  2. Talking about dictator what about obj

    1. OBJ ruled for a total of 11 years. He was elected for 8 of those 11 years.

      1. Ekusond Debango | Reply

        You are right that Obj was elected for 8 out of his 11 years as perpetrator of Nigeria. The first 3 years he served as dictator and the other 8years as imprerial president.Now don’t get me wrong.There is nothing wrong with an imperial presidency in a setting like Nigeria. If Shagari had adopted an imperial presidency rather than socalled executive presidency, he would not have been overthrown. There is a lesson in imperial presidency for the current perpetrator of Nigeria. If he does not adopt this mode of governance he’ll only regret it.All he got to do is put his feet down and say the buck stops here. I know for sure that a person like my humble self will never be elected to any office because I certainly will not brook any nonsense like looting of public funds and things of that nature. Under my watch if you have a job and perform lackadaisically you are pretty much done holding a darn job in that country where millions are unemployed. Will I be eliminated? It will not bother me one iota!!!

      2. OBJ was appointed and installed as the president by the ex criminal dictator “IBB” and aged criminal “T.Y Danjuma” Both thieves spent their bloody criminal wealth to riged the election that brought Obasanjo to power in 1999 as a continuation of their dictatorship and not elected office. Nigeria is secretely governing by ex- dictators and their colleagues till today. IBB handed power over to shoneko who is an ex officer, Abacha the tyrant over threw shoneko and died in the office, Abdusalami Abubakar another tyrant took over after Abacha demise and later handed power over to a known bastard and ex criminal dictator “Obasanjo” in a well rigged election, Later Obasanjo handed over power to his ex-colleagues junior brother Late president yaradua who was succeeded by his vice, President Goodluck Jonathan. With this lineage of thieves, how did one expect the so called democratic government to function? where millitary officers are more political than the civillians.
        For instance, during Al-mustapha trial around August 2011, he brought to the court a clear evidence of a fraudlent withdrawal of (Two hundred Million dollars, seventy-five million pounds terlings and five hundred million Naira respectively) made from Central Bank of Nigeria by Abdusalami Abubakar under false pretence to support the defence, while the money is for his personal use to cover up the assacination of M.K.O Abiola by bribing the people that was mostly concern expecialy the international world. This true evidence is enough for the present government to intervene and question such big fraud by an ex president, rather they kept silent because of the people that might be involved and how they related to the ruling class. This will never happen in a real democratic nation, mostly the western world.

        1. Charles King, any evidence for these allegations?

          1. who is this man asking for evidence? of course there is no evidence . Illegal bussiness like bunkering,drugs cartelling , even Harlyburtonism there is no receipt. Dem be mumu why you ask this kin question?

  3. Ekuson Debango (Mr) | Reply

    This is how serious countries deal with minor infractions. Is corruption infested Nigeria taking note?

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