Burma Boy – Nigerian and African Soldiers in World War Two

Great documentary by Al Jazeera on African soldiers who fought in Burma against the Japanese in World War 2. Includes interviews with Nigerian soldiers of the campaign. I believe Brigadier Babafemi Ogundipe also fought in the Burma campaign.

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  1. Felicia Omoni(nee Ogundipe) | Reply

    I would like to know the names of the Nigerian soldiers that you have who fought in the Burma war. My father, whose last name was Ogundipe and the first name is James fought in the war according to the accounts he related to me. He passed in 1956. I will appreciate if I can get more information, but the video or list of names.

    1. Felicia. You may want to start at the Imperial War Musuem or the Ministry of Defence in the UK. They’ll definitely have the records.
      Wishing you luck and thanks to great men like your father.

    2. Felicia, was your father related to the late Brigadier Babafemi Ogundipe?

  2. My dad was deployed to Burma too. Here’s some information about it:

    1. Thanks for sharing your dad’s memories. It is tragic that these Burma veterans have not been profiled till now.

  3. My father too was in the Burma war, he is 96 years now, his name is Opeifa Sakariyau Adeyinka, He was trained as an engineer by the army,

  4. My father who died in 1986 also served in Burma. His name was Joseph Lapade.Lana. I will also like info about them.

    Michael F.Lana

    1. I think we need to form a “Burma Boys Descendants” group on Facebook?
      Any of you guys game for this? If you’re up for that, please provide your Facebook ID and I will create the group and add you! Let’s do it!

      T-o Ipaye (my FB ID)

      1. Alexander Ebipua-Koinyan | Reply

        Yes, l like idea of the formation of “The Burma Boys Descendants” My father: Sargent Clement Otuokowei Koinyan is a veteran soldier of the Burma axis.

      2. Alexander Ebipua-Koinyan | Reply

        My Facebook ld is my full name.


      3. Alexander Ebipua-Koinyan | Reply

        Yes Air Vice Marshal Larry Koinyan Retired is my senior brother and he is a life

        1. Hello Alexander. That is great news. Really glad to hear it. I see you are from a military family.

  5. My grandfather :”jacob Osumah.” fought in burma.I want to see his pictures.nigeria.

    1. Thanks for your comments. Did your father also serve in the army?

      1. Alexander Ebipua-Koinyan | Reply

        I do not know but l think he served with West Africa Frontier Force

    2. Is this the same Osumah that Maj-Gen Joe Garba mentioned in his memoirs?

  6. oluwatoyin michael olawale | Reply

    my grandfather also fought in burma, he his a warrant officer under the army.His name is salimon mustapha.please i need the record

  7. oluwatoyin michael olawale | Reply

    my grandfather also fought in burma, he his a warrant officer under the army.His name is salimon mustapha.please i need the record.thanks

  8. Alexander Ebipua-Koinyan | Reply

    Sargent Clement Otuokowei Koinyan is my father; he fought in Burma of the World War ll. He died on September 7, 1960 at Onitsha, Nigeria. Please, l want without any obligation, full details about him. Thanks

    1. Are you related to the retired military officer Larry Koinyan?

      1. Alexander Ebipua-Koinyan | Reply

        Hi Max,
        Good day. It has being a while hence this meets you in the most perfect condition of life.

        God bless.

  9. Alexander Ebipua-Koinyan | Reply

    Hello Siollu,
    Please, late General Agui Ironsi – Nigeria’s first Miltary Head of State was my father’s mate at Burma – World War Two. They worked together throughout the war. They went and came back together.


    1. Do you mean that your dad and Irons were coursemates? Or merely that they worked together?

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