African Hopes and Dreams – Surprising Europe

Continuation of Al Jazeera’s series on African migrants in Europe.


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    Whom is that man that would truly use he or herself to show us as a good leader in our country Nigeria, that the corruption as too deep into our blood that corruption never seen as corruption any more in the face of our leaders that expected to have to show the coming once the example of good leadership in any where or any place.
    Let take a good look of one good example, Nigerians poor citizens run away from their own country just because of Economic situation, lack of employment and the numbers of those of is not privilege to have some one in Government position that will create that privilege of employment is much more more than those who are privilege of employment in that Country Nigeria and to avoid any criminal act many through one way or the other risk their life and many die on their way and those that found their way through hardship with great risk and sorrow beyond expression found themselves in Europe on a condition that more than slavery sleep along the street without any hope of what to eat tomorrow and why few are lucky to be under Europe of that Country help without good future and these are Nigeria citizens that their own Government can not even care off and the same Nigeria Government at the same time sending his own Nigeria Police to be exploiting money from
    his own poor citizens who is under slavery in another Country just to survive.
    Now you might be interested to know how does Nigeria Government is exploiting her own citizens by Nigeria police? Nigeria Police where being sent to Europe to easier the process of obtaining the Europe Resident working permit paper on only one important aspect to enable the Government of that Country freely give any Nigeria Citizens Resident working permit to work and stay in their country and to obtain any paper on any Europe does not cost you any money not less than 20 Euros for every thing needed, even some are free but Nigeria Government sent his own Police to help Nigeria citizens on only one thing that required called Police (Character) for any Nigeria citizens to stay and work on that country but Nigeria Police sent down by the Nigeria Government are now using this avenue to exploit the less privilege that escape from their own Country Nigeria to survive without any hope of what to eat tomorrow that is sleeping long the street are mandated to be
    paying 160Euros on each to obtain that what is called Police Character that can only last for three or six month and expired and there is not guaranty that within this three or six month any one with these Nigeria Police Character can obtain his or her Resident working permit with these Nigeria Police Character within these month of expirering date and once that Nigeria Police Character paper is expired, which means that person as to wait for the next coming of Police from Nigeria again to do or obtain another one with another money of the same amount, in that case which means any Nigeria Citizens as to obtain one document from Nigeria Police that led by a senior officer Commissioner of Police standing to be exploiting Nigeria poor Citizen on the collaboration of the Nigeria Embassy of Spain under force pretenses to help Nigerian Citizens to obtain their resident working permit at the cost of 160Euros if you are lucky or if expired re-obtain new with
    another payment Total, Nigeria Police Character can Cost any Nigeria citizens if you are not lucky total =73,600Naira each person depends.
    The question is? why most Nigeria Police Character expired date.
    (2) Why most Nigeria Police Character Cost to that amount 160Euros on each her Citizens such a high amount of money from Nigerians who can not even feed his or herself and these are question we the Nigeria Citizens in Europe would like to ask our President because now the Nigeria Police is right now in Spain collecting high cost of money from those Nigeria that want to do new one or the one that their own has expired at the cost of 160euros from each in present of the Nigeria Police commissioner that lead the team with the collaboration of Nigeria Embassy of Spain and these has been taken place since 2009 till this very moment.
    Sir, the question is, when we Nigeria Citizens we have their freedom of Citizenship?
    Thanks Festus.

  2. This website is dying a slow painful death and I am ready to get it there. I did the same to some other website some 12 years ago. Just watch me go to work.

    1. um Ekuson. Why are you keen to see my website die?

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