Islamic Banking Conference in Nigeria


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  1. Assalamu alaikum warahamatullahi ta,alah wabarakatuhu all entire muslims around this page. Please posted this comment because I want encourage you on duty. Please don`t take what you are doing as only to get salary, take is as a special chance of serving Allah`s religion. Because i have what those (CAN) are doing in their bank. Please move our HALALIC bank forward nor to be legging behind. May almimghty ALLAH help us and his religion respectively.

    1. U want Islamic banking then form ur own damn country and leave the rest of us non-believers out of ur shananigans. In ur own new country feel free to pray and worship Allah as many times as u please or until hell freezes over. I for one do not share a darn thing in common with a bunch of greedy, maggot-infested,towel-wearing underpant suicide bombers like u.

    2. charles king | Reply

      The so-called Halalic Banks originated out of the stolen treasures from the “CAN” peoples soil. It is also known as “Haram money” in Arabic language. Am still wonder why you moslems are still beign deceived by this your islamic believes. No true God can ask you to stole another tribes money/wealth to open a bank. What about the World Bank where the Islamic big wigs hide their croocked wealths? Dont you know that World bank is largely owned and operated by christian associations?
      Mr. Aminu Bishir, before you talk about “CAN Banks Operational system” in Nigeria, you also had to look at the croocked means by which Islamic Banks got their riches.

  2. Interesting discussion about Africa without an African on the panel. Y need to sit down and watch this crap as it unfolds. Before long now the thing will hit the fan:

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