Interview with General Martin Luther Agwai


5 responses

  1. He is a man with no integrity and a big womaniser and totally corrupted.

  2. When he worked in Sierra Leone he was living with Cherrie-Ann Vincent while he is married. He got his wife a job in UN using his power and also took Cherrie-Ann Vincent to New York, when he went from Sierra Leone to New York Head Quarters.

  3. More can be checked on fox news about him and his wife Ruth Agwai. This corrupted man owns a huge property in Manhattan and also more than 1000Acres Farm land in Nigeria. He owns lots of other property in the names of other people.

    1. Ekuson Debango | Reply

      You definitely have no clue what you are talking about here. General Martin Agwai is a fine soldier gentleman who served not only Nigeria but the world with unblemished distinction.Most retired military officers from my hometown also own and operate several large farms and I see nothing wrong with that honourable way of making a living.Would you rather they use their connection in government to make a quick kill by lifting oil? I still hold the man in very high esteem in retirement.I suggest you engage yourself on some other things worth your time.

  4. No doubt agwai played a vital role in keeping sudan peace

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