Nigeria’s Sultan of Sokoto

Nice feature by CNN, and interview with the Sultan of Sokoto Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar – spiritual leader of Nigeria’s Muslim population.





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  1. What do you guys think about the war in Libya led by the West to control that country’s resource? Are you guys concerned that your own country which rather naively signed onto the World Government’s (called the UN) resolution of a no-fly zone (disguised declaration of war on an independent African country) will not be a victim of its own machinations? If you don’t know it the war for resource control has begun in full force.Here is what I want Afric to do:With holding all shipments of raw materials to the West for a paltry one week and see what happens rather quickly.

    1. No fly zone over Nigeria is very unlikely, so long as the oil keeps flowing to the USA…

      1. Sir, with all due respect, you may not be aware that the battle for global resouce control has begun in ernest.. I am not talking about no-fly zones. I am talking about total wholesome takeover and control of your resources without as much a blink of the eyelid. It is coming ansd soon too.

  2. Sir,crisises are beyound borders.u might not belief it,but nature is made to offer is like,”U eat less u grow weak eat more grow healthy”.who kill,mosiac law is a reminder,Jesus word is immortal, therefore it is retribution time the world need to repay debt of children.we are neither unfortunate nor fortunate.but their`s Hope.eehmmm.

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