Bomb Blast Rocks Nigerian Police HQ in Abuja



6 responses

  1. Boko haram is behind this. the president should call theire leader and beg them to leave nigeria alone and also ask them what they want apart from killing and taking possesion of our land but if they refuse since the kindom of god suffered violence and violence taken by force they will be arrested and hanged to death

    1. charles king | Reply

      The notherners were looking for a chance to kill Mr. President by bombing so they could snatch the power from the south since they belief that presidency is their “birth rite”. The western world stood-by and waiting for another civil war to break out in Nigeria which will create an opportunity for them to regain control over our mineral resources which they mistakenly lost when they declared Nigeria an independent nation without realizing that crude oil would later became the greatest mineral resources on Earth and other planets even in the heaven above.

  2. aneke nnenna phina | Reply

    what is government planning over this mess,both people and livestock

  3. The evil men do leaves with them not after them, they should know that b4 acting

  4. D suspect must b brought 2 book in jesus name Amen

  5. nigerians what is happening in our country?,government wil u site down and watch us being dehumanized,armed rubbers are attacking us ,kidnappas are

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