Nigeria’s North-South Divide

Great interactive guide on the BBC’s website showing the socio-economic disparity between Nigeria’s north and south.

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  1. Mahmoud belgore | Reply

    Diversity is nt wat we ned in Nigeria

    1. Ekuson Debango | Reply

      Sarduana said it best:”We must not forget our differences”. How about that for unity?

    2. What else do we need than diversity? Do we had to wait for the next civil war before we divide? You never change nature. Nature does not permit East, West and North to be called one nation. They all had a different way of reasoning which makes it disastrous to live together. Separation will be the best answer to our problem.

      1. …and who will get to keep the oil?

        1. I don’t know Max, but any resources (Trees, Grasses,Sand,stone or oil)that you found in your land belongs to you.

          1. ok. I bet I can guess which natural resource people will pick when given a choice of trees, grass, sand, stone and oil…

            1. ofcourse you knew the correct answer, you never had to guess.

        2. Ekuson Debango | Reply

          While everyone is so fixated on oil we all know that only certain areas have oil. This is called personal property and I think poeple’s rights to their property ought to be respected at all cost. It certainly befuddles me that while oil resides in certain localities the wealth accruing from same is concentrated far from the source. This sure as hell makes little sense to me. Personally, I don’t give a rat’s behind about oil. The killings we’ve seen in the last few days strongly indicate that, we as a people, lack any ties that bind. Can you imagine someone who claims to share a common destiny with you putting a knife through your throat or an arrow through your heart in the name of one Nigeria? I can’t. I have said it elsewhere and I am going to say it here: I constantly hear people who lack an understanding of history refer to those three silly stooges as our “founding fathers”. Truth is the these self-serving ignoramuses where thinking about themselves when they signed unto a ready-made deal. Our true founding father is Mr. Lugard,who motivated by pure economic interests, gobbled together a quilt of desparate people with little or no commonality, into a country.Having said that bit, may I now proffer a more apt description of the three stooges and proper way to refer to them in our history books:THEY ARE FLOUNDERING FATHERS. Well, the quilt is unravelling now and it is virtually of no use. You folks should stop being delusional about oneness while a select few benefit tremendously from the current state of discombobulation.I certainly do not share in this dubious one Nigeria delution at all cost.

          1. Ekuson Debango | Reply

            meant to say “delusion’

          2. Stirring comments Ekuson. Maybe we do not go far back enough in time when assessing Nigeria’s birth and weaning.

            1. Education differs from wisdom. But if you had both, you good to go. Over greed and selfishness can also make someone to look very stupid and unwise just like in the case of Zik and Awo. Both were educated politians with selfish interest on power and treasure, Ahmadu Bello was uneducated politician but very honest which made him to look wiser than his peers, that is why British rigged the first republic election in his favor because they saw Awo and Zik as a selfish braggards with no element of truth in their mouth. Zik lived long enough and saw what his stupid legacy of “One Nigeria” had done to the easterners. Notherners were not ready for the independence and wanted to be on their own but Zik thought that he would be the next prime-minister after British man due to his education level, that was the only stupid and selfish reason that made Azikiwe to campaing for one Nigeria without considering the risk and dangerous part of the Nothern Islamic believe, including bloody Middle-belts(North East). Before the independence too many religous riots, Killings of the Easterners/Christians and tribal hatred had been going on in the Northern part of the country, still Azikiwe felt unconcern and fought to be the first citizen of “One Nigeria Nation” which British denied him and gave it to Abubaka T. Balewa unbehalf of Ahmadu Bello “Saduana”.

  2. It’s ridiculous to live with fear in a place you called your home. Look at what is happening in the North since after presidential election which took my memory back to the events of july 29th,1966. The little difference between animal and human being is common sence which notherners were lacking.
    In this case President Goodluck and his COAS Major Gen. Ihejirika should watch the Notherners well, especially those nothern big wigs and household names. They will be looking for a chance to poison Goodluck or assascinate him by suicide bombing so VP will take over the Government. Notherners never sleep well whenever they lost presidential position because they saw it as their birth right.

    1. Max Siollun | Reply

      I wonder if Zik later regretted his work in keeping Nigeria united. He probably did more than any eastern politician to keep the country united.

      1. charles king | Reply

        Hell No, He never thought,adviced or support any easterner for liberation, that was why the notherners look out for him during his last days on earth and also gave him a befiting burial on his death including naming Abuja airport in his name while Anambra State where Zik originated from had no Aerodrome talkless of Airport till today.

  3. I think am in the better position to describe this thauths (b/c i was born and brought in the north,) they are bastards. why? b/c they don’t have any reason to leave. When u don’t value ur own life, how then can u know the worth of someone elses life. But then u can’t blame them when a religion permeates u to kill a fellow if he/she professes a different religion, and that heaven is sure what do u expect. The division we are talking about here is certain and i repeat nothing is goin to stop it!

  4. let we the young generation stop deceiving ourselves, we ain’t one in Nigeria, and we can never be one. Our diffrences will cost us pain till we realized it. North and south are not one, and still, there is tribal devisions in the two components. We would take of oness when Nigeria divide along ethnic line!

  5. we can never be one in this country mainly b cos 2 reason namely illtracy and religion quran does preach peace it stated it clearly kill the christians and the jew because once you kill you wil open youreye to the bossom of women in paradise and most of the follwer are illitrate they kill two make heaven

  6. it,ll be quite interestin to know that there is no wrse foolishness than religious

    fanatica stupidity. this is a typical example of’ we don’t agree, we don’t agree, why don,t yuo agreee,we don’t know all we know is that we don,t agree. those love the

    presidency more than the nation must be laking some serious qualities that qualifies one to be called human.each time u re

    fer to a muslim as ur brother ,u’re sure deceiving ur +oodluck please tell us the truth ‘ are we brothers, i mean the east, west,

    and the bloody north ? and the

    bloody north

  7. we need to divide and leave d northerners to be sheading their own blood, anywhere u hear crisis, they start it, l wonder how they are created. We are peaceful, all they know is violence. Nigeria should divide.

  8. Is not good for we to shera nigeria by 100 yaes comin is very bad so any body that is dreem datcant of dreem no that is davul that poshu you

  9. Allah dai shi yasan matsayin kowa,Allah yasa rabawarne mafi alheri.

    1. Gbo nwoke m Dr.Aminu Lawal. Obu gini kina kwo. Amarum ihie ikwulo.Iga enwike suo ya na okwu oyibo ka ndi nile di neba malu ihie i na kwu? Aboki bana jin magana wana.Baka jin turenji? Haba aboki, menini magana wana ?

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