PDP Losing Ground In Nigeria Elections



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  1. Realy Jonathan seems to be a good president of Nigeria since the depature of the British. I wish him the best. Party had nothing to do with “King Jonathan Goodluck” He is a philosopher and had a vision to move that country foward.
    Old political croocks should stay clear. I remember during Shagari regime when the defuncked Eastern states is asking the FGN to construct the second Niger Bridge from Asaba – Onitsha which was estimated to cost b/w $20M to $30 Million Dollars as at that time, Shagari government claimed that FG had no money to fund such project. At same time Umaru Deko and some top government officials was busy transfering a huge sum of $1Billion (One Billion Dollars) to his private accounts overseas and fled the country to London for exile during Idiagbo and Buhari regime. Later Babangida and his coleagues collected some kickbacks from Umaru Decko and granted him pardon to came back home with no futher question or attempt to recover the stolen $1Billion. Till today second Niger Bridge had not been built and the cost of it today is way higher than what it supposed to be in 1980’s and Umaru Dekko had won several sit in the Nigerian Government with all dignity and respect, moving freely with Government security guards in the expense of the same country he duped. What system of goverment are we practicing?. What was the hope of the poor people which counted for 85% of the Nigerians population? Umaru Decko was not brought to justice for stealing a huge sum of one Billion Dollars from our government,
    You could see that few people that existed in that country were the architect of our country’s problem.

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