Interview with Captain Emmanuel Nwobosi re January 1966 Coup

He admits that he personally killed Akintola, and reveals that the plotters planned to release Awolowo and make him the new leader.


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  1. toochukwu henry | Reply

    pls can u help me with the whereabout of one of the majors of the jan. 66 coup, major humphrey chukwuka?

    1. email me on and i will connect you with Maj.Humphery Chukwuka.

  2. Chukwuka is still alive. He is the only surviving member of the Jan 1966 Majors.

    1. Point of correction please, he one of the surviving members of the 1966 coups and not the only surviving members because Major Adewale Ademulegun and few other conspirators are still alive

      1. There was no Jan 66 conspirator called “Ademulegun”. If you mean Brig Ademulegun, he was a victim and KILLED in 1966.

  3. I guess the above writter misquoted “Ademulegun” instead of “Ademoyega” who was among the five coupist of January 1966. I knew Ademoyega was alive five years ago but I don’t know if he still alive today.

  4. Major Adewale Ademoyega also survived the events of 1966-1970. He passed away a few years ago (2008 or 2009).

  5. Ademoyega wrote the book “Why We Struck”, which gives a good insight into the planning and reasoning behind the Jan 1966 coup. He was good friends with Nzeogwu and Ifeajuna.

    1. There is also Gbulie’s book.

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