Documentary on Ibrahim Babangida

Part 1:

Good archive footage – the part above discusses his role in quelling the 1976 Dimka coup.

Part 2: The June 12 Crisis

Part 3:

Part 4: His Economic Policies

Part 5:

4 responses

  1. This documentary is so bias and tantamount to a JOKE. Please tell it as it is for the sake of HISTORY.

  2. This is a joke. You might as well make IBB out to be the father of Nigeria. This documentary is so misleading that it should be banned

  3. IBB paid the saatchi brother approximately 5 million dollars to improve his image in the national and international community at a time when no one else was prepared to vouch for his evil legacy and intent. He was the victim of 419 by saatchi and saatchi who took his money but were unable to do anything to help restored the IBB battered image. They later told him no amount of money can help his name!
    So this videos are a very poor attempt at that!

  4. How did the cap fits Babangida? that’s awful.
    Well, is all over for Babangida and Aso- Rock, If IBB enter Aso-Rock Villa again to rule Nigeria he will surely end up paying the ultimatte price for his past evil.

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