Yar’Adua Had Kidney Transplant


According to Wikileaks, former President Yar’Adua has a kidney transplant as far back as 2002. The kidney donor was Sayyadi Abba Ruma, who later became his Minister of Agriculture and Water Resources.

The Wikileaks cable also claims that:

*Senior PDP members knew about Yar’Adua’s ill health but still picked him as their presidential candidate.

*Engineering company Julius Berger set up a dialysis clinic in Yar’Adua’s home and flew German doctors in and out of Nigeria to treat him.

*By 2008, Yar’Adua “appeared to weigh no more than 140 pounds, his skin was very taunt, his handshake was weak, voice was fainter than on previous meetings, his eyes were deep set with dark circles underneath, and his teeth were also very badly tarred,”.

*The discolourations on his skin were caused by steroids given to him by doctors to enable his body to accept the transplant.

*His aides stuffed his clothes to hide his weight loss and used make up to hide his skin discolouration.


2 responses

  1. Former President Yaradua should not have become Nigeria’s number one citizen at all. He knew he was sick,yet,he came out for the presidency.

  2. kidney problem is not what somebody should play with, now if mr Ruma has donate one of his kidney to our formal president has he done something wrong? why make an issue out of no issue. now to mr Ruma,you should be hapy that you gave somebody your kidney even if he didnt stay with it for long,you should be hapy with that and not to deny it.

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